Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Why is a cell phone like gold to a baby? Seriously, Owen will be screaming and I whip out my phone and he immediately stops to chew on it. So funny. He is getting his two front teeth now so he is a little whiney. He loves chewing on a frozen waffle, does wonders for me when I am trying to make dinner. We went to cheesecake factory last weekend with Christina and Dale Yummmmy!! I love that place. Owen just sat and chewed on bread for an hour .He was wonderful! Im kinda sad I missed out on girls camp this week. I really hope next year. Its funny how I disliked it when I was younger but now I want to go. Although we did have showers and bathrooms and thats the only kind of camping I will do it was just the whole rebellion thing. I really hope I can be a good leader to these girls. Its so important now a days. I still remember stuff from my leaders that really stuck with me. Mark is so happy that I posted that lovely mugshot. We had a good fathers day. We got him a flag for his quad and caden picked out a belt and shorts. Then we made, I mean I made, a big breakfast . Shaunasey gave us an awesome new waffle maker so we had those. Then Skip and Connie and Brett and Emily came over for a Mexican feast. It was a fun day with our Daddy! I also talked to my Dad. They are doing wonderful in Bolivia. Totally loving it. I miss having my mommy though. Im such the baby of the family. But time flies by when you are busy with three munchkins! Tomorrow is Marks day off. I cant wait to see whats in store for us. Maybe the carousel at the mall if Olivia is lucky or the Fantastic four movie if Caden is.


Nate and Lauren said...

ok I don't have kids, but I have noticed that kids do love cell phones, and you can't trick them with a fake phone, they only want real ones!!

anyway I do want you to come over, so give me your email address so we can work it out!! My back has been killing me ever since I wrote you!

The Farnsworth Family said...

Leslie, my boys have all loved (and ruined) my cell phones. So funny, but to relieve crying it works everytime :)
Hope you have fun on Mark's day off. Post some pictures of it!!!

Laura Smith said...

Callie loves my Cell phone...if she gets her little eyes on it, its all over! Why is that? Silly kiddos! YAY for a day off together!! Hope you guys have a great time!!!

MEvans said...

I love it,"cell phone is gold". That is SO true. It was for both Brody & Tate. But it doesn't stop there, they love the home phone too. I try not to let them use it, only in emergencies, like diaper changes.
Those girls will be lucky to have such a great leader. You are so fun!I know you'd do a great job.