Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I just loved today. It was such a fun and exciting day anticipating the big arrival of Mr. Santa Claus. It was nice to just be lazy after breakfast and not have to rush off to anywhere. We played games and watched Elf(again) and made sugar cookies for Santa. It was a blast. Then when Mark got home from work we opened our first gift,Rock Band. All of us got into it even Owen loved the drums. We make up a kickin RockBand!!!! Then we went to dinner at Skip and Connies ( yummy) and opened some gifts from them. Finally we are home trying to put the kids to sleep so we can get to work. I cant wait to see their faces tomorrow because we got some cool gifts that they will love. Im going to miss listening to christmas music and the feeling in the air,its just a fun time of year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What the Halo?????

Seriously, you know your husband has a problem when he puts the music from Halo on our IPODS!! I want to KILL xbox!!! Well I for one have never understood the reasons for sure why people want to home school there children. Is it so they will be smarter? Or to protect them from evils of the world as long as possible( really they are socially retarding them)? Or because they enjoy teaching them. I would if I was a genius and could teach them anything but more power to those who do it,but your kids are not safe any where these latter days. Today (a few days ago actually) marks the day my 6 year old asked us what GAY means. Yes from church, a little boy went to sit by another little boy and that boy said" why do you want to sit by me ,what do you think Im gay??"This is at church people. What the heck?? We just explained to him in simple terms and told him not to talk about it to any other kids. I dont want my kid to be THAT kid who tells everyone what it means. This parenting stuff is crazy. And kids talk like wildfire so everyone be prepared the GAY talk is coming to your block very soon! Oh yea NEWSFLASH Owen is so close to walking everywhere, he takes about 4 or 5 steps and then sits down. He is amazing I love this little guy!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pretty Funny!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Good times

Anyone that knows me knows I love movies. Its a given growing up in Rent a Flick. I have many fond memories of " working" with my mom( really I was just sitting there watching movies so she wasnt alone.) What I remember I truely treasure. I loved working with my brothers listening to all the latest music and watching the new movies before anyone else could.It was seriously awesome to be sick because my dad would bring home a huge stack of movies to watch. Oh the memories of watching James Bond when I was 6 are wonderful!! It was fun waiting for the roach coach to come and pick what ever we wanted because he just traded movie rentals for food. It was great! We pretty much traded everything for movie rentals-gymnastics,food,doughnuts,carpet cleaning and of course Dentistry. Anyways the point of this memory is my love for holiday movies. We at the oberly home love Elf and Jingle All the Way( sooo funny) and at the Merrill home we loved too many to name but we loved Better Off Dead, Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. What is everyones favorite movies???? Here are some more pictures. Owen figured out he can climb in the cupboard and shut the door it was really cute to watch him.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I think I can finally catch my breath after thanksgiving and hosting Bunko this week,so I can finally do a post. Wow we really had a great time on thanksgiving. We were planning on driving up on wednesday but my husband decided is was not happening with these 3 rugrats so we bought tickets to fly up. We didnt tell anyone so we showed up on Kendrias doorstep and surprised them! It was fun. I have never gone shopping on Black friday before(super early that is) I usually go later in the day. But Shaunasey wanted to go to the Park city outlets so we were going and we called and found out they opened doors at midnight. So we were all pumped up to go so we all went to sleep at 8:30 to wake up at 10:00 and drive an hour to get there when doors opened. It was me,Emily,Sha and Kendria and 2 nursing babies. Oh yea did I mention it was FREEEEEZING!!! Seriously like 15 degrees outside. So we shopped around for a couple of hours and finally went home at 4:30.Crazy I know but I havent stayed up like that since Post high school days. It was so fun. All the grand kids did great together, nine kids under 6 in one house , not too bad. Kendrias house made a great hotel! We visited my sister Trisha and that was fun as well but we didnt get very much time with her which I regret but hopefully we will see them soon!Oh yea we went to the temple and saw the lights and had hot cocoa and made some great memories. Good times! Flying was a breeze,soooo worth it to not have any money for christmas presents!! The kids did great ,I think this is the perfect size family for traveling. I hosted Bunklast night and it was great and I think everyone really enjoyed the food and prizes. Im so glad its over. Now I can focus on all the other stuff going on!