Monday, January 12, 2009

snow trip

So Mark has been wanting to take the kids to go play in the snow so we went on his day off. We drove up just pass Strawberry to the gravel pits. It was sooo much fun I want to go again. The kids did sleds and tubes. And I cant believe how brave they were. Olivia kept going up the hill higher and higher and she got going so fast.It freaked me out a few times but all she did was bite her tongue thank goodness nothing more.Owen cried for the first 15 minutes,who knows why.and then he started liking it.So throw in some dunkin donuts and a snowman and it was a heck of a good time:)


So we did the annual nativity with the oberly/pearce family and then we did it with the Merrill family. It was all soo much fun:)