Friday, April 27, 2007


Seriously,that was hilarious on The Office last night. So I went to my first Bunko marathon last night. I say marathon because these ladies talk and play til midnight or later. It was so much fun!!!My good friend Kelly Bascom invited me to sub. I have to give a big shout out to the Judy Brown daughters, because 4 of them were there last night and they are so stinkin funny!! And they are becoming newly addicted to blogging! Thanks for the great night ladies!!
The salon my brother works at is doing a huge Grand Opening on Saturday night from 6;30 until 10pm. It should be lots of fun if any girls want to go. Its on Valvista and Pecos and its called SalonXs. Kinda by Kohls. Oh yea, we finally bought a good camera so now our pictures will be really good. I was sick of looking at all these blogs with perfect pictures and ours were sooooo blurry. So now we are COOL with all the other bloggers. Mark and I are going to see a movie tonight so later on!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The greatest show ever!


Okay it was yesterday and im totally lame for not posting but I wanted to do some pictures so I kept waiting and last night we were in such a rush I didnt get to. So Mark turned the big 30!!!! I cant believe we are that old or I mean he is that old. I still have 3 years to go! Last night I took him to Texas Roadhouse where a few of his friends were waiting for him and we all enjoyed an evening of yummy rolls and good humor. Its always entertaining when Joel,Jared ,Colton and Mark get together. We also had kindergarten open house last night. That was exciting. Really scary that Im going to be sending my child off into the world for 6 hours a day to experience who knows what around who knows influence. Im scared what he will come home with. I got Olivia into a preschool next year so with both of them in school, I will have some good one on one time with my sweet Owen a couple days a week. Im looking forward to august!! I had to take the boys in for shots on monday. Both of them needed 4 ouch!! IT wasnt as bad as I expected. Olivia was kind of like what the heck is going on?? Caden was brave or maybe it was a promise of a target toy,who knows. Owen did great too! He is so wonderful, he sits up really good now and his first two teeth are coming in. And he sleeps wonderfully.I couldnt ask for a better baby. Heavenly father did that so I would have another one, I guess. So happy b-day to my honey and thanks to Skip and Lynna for raising such a wonderful man for me to enjoy!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

where would we be without sibling rivalry?

Our house would be a lot more of a "happy home" thats for sure! Seriously, my children can not get along! It is driving me nuts!! I wish I would have planned for a babysitter so I could go shopping or something because it has been a long week. My sweet husband has been MIA for the last two weeks. I guess he is trying to provide for a family of 5 or something because he is working mucho hours! This is a busy time of year so I just have to be patient because in the summer it really slows down. Every night he has been getting home around 8:00 so the kids are staying up a little later and so I get a whole hour of him to myself.Then Im exhausted and want to go to bed. Needless to say we need a date night! Fridays and saturdays we usually dont have anything going on so the kids and I get cabin fever being at home all day. Olivia likes to scream whenever she doesnt like something Caden is doing and he likes to torment her. Every once in a while it will be quiet and I will look and see them playing something nicely togehter but unfortunately it doesnt last long.
Okay for Stephanie we are listing our favorite games. We of course love the classics Memory and Candyland, We like Hearts(card game),hide and go seek and especially Guitar Hero! Caden and Mark like to Rock out! Its really addicting if you start playing it.
I must give kudos to my honey who slaved away on our landscaping the other day.(well him and 5 guatamalens from the circle k on the corner) It looks wonderful. WE lost 5 trees to that "freeze" we had. so he ripped those out and planted new ones and took all of our old rock out to replace it with bigger rock. Oh and he finished our barbecue so he has been watching that show License to Grill and going crazy. Its fun to have him cook something once in a while. Its nice to have a handy husband!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I didnt have time to post about Easter so here it is. We are lame and waited till Saturday after the awesome wedding we went to ,to buy baskets. Can I just say I HATE WALMART!!!!!! That place is a nightmare especially at 11 oclock at night. Never will I go back Im a Target girl all the way! So the kids woke up and came to show us their baskets and Olivia says "I didnt get to tell the Easter bunny thank you!" It was so stinking cute! They were happy with the makeshift premade baskets and didnt even care that there wasnt very much candy. Phewww! WE got through that one okay but next year I will do better. Mark was sad he didnt get a basket of goodies too.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back to the family

Caden and I had a little date night on thursday. We went to see the Easter pageant with aunt Amy and Hunter. It was wonderful. Caden enjoyed most of it. And after of course we went to Nielsens for a yummy concrete. For some odd reason I feel obligated to stop off at Nielsens every time I come into Mesa. Hmmm wierd, maybe because I was deprived for a good 6 or 7 months. So friday night we had a baby shower for my sister in law Emily. Brett and Emily are having a boy in about 5 weeks, Jaxon is going to be his name. We have a oberly cousin wedding tonight so Shaunasey and Jason are in town so we all went to City Hall last night.Yummmm! Good food! We converted everyone to the likings of Mayor Drinkwaters restaurant. Tonight we go out to Phoenix for the wedding. It should be alot of fun. Although I have to bring Owen because I dont have anyone I can trust to leave him with. Not to mention the fact that he is a total mommys boy. I dont know if it is because Im nursing him and dont leave him enough or just his age of separation anxiety. We will see how it goes. Mark panics any time I want to go somewhere without my little man on my side. Sometimes a moms gotta get out without a child every once and a while. Tomorrow is Easter and its a holiday of course so it makes me sad that my mom and dad arent around. We are not doing anything with my family because everyone drops the ball when they arent here. Just kidding I love you all but seriously cant we all just get along and have a dinner or something forget the fact that we would have like 25 kids running around. Ha ha!!! I guess Im just lucky to talk to most of my siblings on a regular basis. I do look forward to Chads almost daily call to share something funny or something yummy with me as we do share the love of food with all the Merrills. And Im glad my kids do get to play with their cousins. Alright enough already. Primary activity day is almost over I have to go pick up Caden.

Chat stew

Wow a whole week since my last post. This week has been kind of crazy! But can I just say I love Dwight Schrute and his pepper spray! The Office was wonderful.Almost worth this few weeks of nothing on t.v. Im glad Andy is back so there is competition between him and micheal for being the biggest idiot. Im kind of annoyed that nothing is happening with Pam and Jim but thats what they have to do to string us along. Mark and I are a little annoyed by 24 lately. Its the same old stuff every season we need some more EXCITEMENT! Oh yeah Lost!! What the heck?????? Is this another trick by the others to throw Juliet into the crowd? Where did they go? She has to know where they went.And where did she learn REX KWAN DO? She was just a shy docter 3 years ago! She layed Kate down! I cant wait till next week when Sayid questions or tortures her or whatever! Im not even going to start with Sanjaya! He is so annoying!!!! What is wrong with America,vote him OFF! This post is dedicated to The Soup and Joel Mchale who is so hilarious and on t.v. on friday nights! Tivo it, its great!