Friday, June 26, 2009

My sister in law is starting a new photography buisness and she took some pictures of Olivia for her website. They are soo cute. Check em out!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Im actually updating:) Well we are one week into summer and I sure signed us up for PLENTY of activities. I guess i had a little panic attack last month at the thought of being home with 3 kids to entertain. We are mucho busy in june. But next month we can be truly lazy. First of all Owen is POTTY TRAINED!!!!! Woohoo.He is so awesome. Not one pull up for this kid and he wakes up dry every day for the last 2 weeks:)Dont get me wrong the first week was hell! But now its smooth sailing.Phew! done with that. now we can have fun. O and O are doing swim lessons and are doing so much better so now we can just swim every day at christinas. Caden is doing basketball camp and olivia starts a singing workshop for 2 weeks and has a little recital. Im excited for her to do that she will love it because she wants to be a singer when she grows up.haha Mark is playing softball with some guys from church so we go watch him on thursdays and I still have mutual on wednesdays so our nights are busy as well. I was thinking about making a trip up to utah to visit my sister and for a reunion but now I think we need to save money because we want to go to europe next year. Oh thats more news to share, my parents are going on ANOTHER mission:( They are going back to the Madrid temple so we want to go this time and do the whole europe thing.Thats an exciting trip but we all thought they were done so I am mad. Some day i will get over it....maybe. I will post some fun pictures soon,