Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates good, Ogres bad!!!

Gosh its been too long I hate waiting this long to post because I dont know where to start. Well last week we saw Pirates on opening night. We were in the second row but it wasnt too bad. So yes it was a little too long but we both really enjoyed it regardless. Some parts I cant understand the dang pirate lingo but I will see it again soon so I can figure things out better. We got out a little after midnight and boy do the freaks come out!! Its fun seeing the pirates all dressed up though. So this memorial weekend we went to the annual softball tournament in Show Low. We stayed at my sisters cabin and Vance and Tina and kids went with us. We had fun riding quads and playing games and just chillin in the 75 degree weather. It was great. Mark did good playing but they lost 2 or 3 games short of the win. Darn it! He really wanted that bat bag they give out! Oh well. We will be back for Labor day tournament! So we saw Shrek 3 and we were not impressed. It had a good story but just kind of lacked interest to the story if that makes sense.I was wrestling with Owen the whole movie so maybe that was my problem. We will probably still buy it. Owen had two firsts this week, first time swimming and first time quad riding. It was eventful and fun! Im so lucky to have these three healthy kids. We are really starting to have fun doing family stuff. Minus the hard work and laundry to do when we get home I really like these little family trips.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

welcome Jaxon Oberly!!!

Marks brother Brett and Emily had their baby on mothers day. YEAH!! So grandma was here and we had dinner with her and she stayed a day with us. We were lucky Emily stayed another day in th hospital so grandma could play with us. (Love ya Emily glad you are doing okay!) So grandma told me to take advantage of her and go run some errands. I went to the mall of course. It was so fun not having a sroller. I cant remember the last time I went without a child in tow. It was my mothers day treat to myself. Olivia is doing swim lessons this week and next and she is doing awesome. no crying. Everyone else in her class is though so it makes it hard. Caden wont need lessons we are just going to start swimming alot I will refresh his memory. This week has been kind of frustrating. My poor Olivia is sick. And when I say sick she is usually okay during the day(hence the swim lessons) but she throws up every night!! She has a cough too so I thought maybe the drainage or the off balance of her equalibriam was making her sick buts its been over a week. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he gave her some syrup to help with nausea. she still threw up last night. It took me an hour to clean up and then Owen woke up. Needless to say Im probably getting as much sleep as Emily with a new baby!!! Im so sick of throw up! I think that is the worst thing to deal with as a mother. Because you see your child so sick and cant do anything but hold the bucket. Gross okay enough. So tonight after work Mark is taking Caden to Disneyland! Him and a buddy from work are taking their kids. Fun fun for him! He is so excited and Caden cant wait either! So its just me and the babes this weekend. WE will be busy though.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Olivias First GymBugs Recital....

Watch her prance to get in line....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Busy bee me!

Wow its been a crazy week. Caden had preschool graduation last week. He was so cute in his little hat. Off to kindergarten! Then Mark and Caden went to father and sons on friday. They had fun.Cadens favorite was roasting marshmallows of course. I debated about going out for a chick night but decided to stay home put the two little ones to sleep by 7:30 and watching chick flicks and Greys Anatomy. Btw Im so sick of Meredith Grey. I dont think she is cute. I like Addison more and more and I love her name. If Owen was a girl thats what I would of named him. But I love my little man!! I absolutely hate sleeping bymyself because every noise freaks me out. But I was able to get some sleep.I still missed my Mark. I love feeling his back against mine and knowing he is there. Saturday I went to breakfast with my girls for Ketsys birthday. We went to Crackers and company. YUMMY! It was fun to chit chat . That night we went to a party at Bob and Amys. We played games. I got Mark convinced he needed some clothes so we went to Tillys (its right by Bobs house) and went shopping. That place is dangerous. You can buy for our whole family in there. We both realized that we could spend all day in their shopping so we pulled ourselves away.I got Caden and me a pair of shoes.And Mark got some cool stuff.It was fun. I love when Mark gets into shopping because he buys more than me and then I dont feel bad getting something.Hee hee! Another reason I love Mark is he is not a HUGE sports fan. But when it is playoffs or something good he likes to keep up. So last night he went to the suns game. He said it was pretty awesome. Thanks to his mom and Max he spent his birthday money on tickets.Thanks Lynna! Olivia had dance pictures yesterday. It was so cute. I really hope she participates in her recital on saturday. Its too bad she wont have any Grandmas or Grandpas their to watch!Haha!Love you mom and Dad! Keep on walking strong to that temple! I swear the third child makes your life that much busier. I dont have enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I NEED to do yet alone the things I WANT to do. Someday I will get to enjoy my new sewing machine.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is grandpa Oberly dancing crazy at the cinco de mayo party at Uncle Bobs house.It was hilarious!! Mark put it on utube! He is such a dork!

Grandpa O, the dancing fool

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Day

Okay so we saw Disturbia on friday and we all thought it was pretty good. I have heard mixed reviews but it was good for me. Aunt Amy actually screamed out loud. It was hilarious. So that was a good date night. And then saturday Mark took Caden to work with him. It was a happy day. Olivia was enjoyable,no screaming. And Owen was a dream! I ran a couple errands and was going to attempt the mall but by the time I did my needed stuff,I was drained from the heat and we were all hungry so we came home and made cookies ( Olivia and mines favorite thing) Itwas like 103 degrees mucho caliente!Every year you forget how the sun is so draining on adults and babies. Owen was sick of getting in and out of the hot car. Pretty soon I will be confined to the home because we wont want to go anywhere.Except to go swimming at Christinas wonderful pool!Yea I found swim lessons and something fun for Caden to do this summer so we might survive after all! Oh yeah we got the old 9:oo am phone call that the bishop would like to meet with us on sunday.We had stake conference at 1:00 so we were being lazy. We got everyone dressed up and went for our interview. He called me to miamaid advisor and Mark to ward missionary. Its about time he gets a calling that lets him use his wonderful talents. I was in young womens in my old ward and loved it so Iam excited. And girls camp is in june and I have a nursing baby so it doesnt look promising. Everytimne I want to go to girls camp Iam pregnant or have a new baby. I would really like to go so maybe next year. Mark said noway is he taking off work to watch the kids so I can go anyway. I wonder how he is going to feel when I tell him about the 4or 5 day cruise with my girlfriends for 10 year high school reunion.Hmmmm probably not happy.