Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I just loved today. It was such a fun and exciting day anticipating the big arrival of Mr. Santa Claus. It was nice to just be lazy after breakfast and not have to rush off to anywhere. We played games and watched Elf(again) and made sugar cookies for Santa. It was a blast. Then when Mark got home from work we opened our first gift,Rock Band. All of us got into it even Owen loved the drums. We make up a kickin RockBand!!!! Then we went to dinner at Skip and Connies ( yummy) and opened some gifts from them. Finally we are home trying to put the kids to sleep so we can get to work. I cant wait to see their faces tomorrow because we got some cool gifts that they will love. Im going to miss listening to christmas music and the feeling in the air,its just a fun time of year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What the Halo?????

Seriously, you know your husband has a problem when he puts the music from Halo on our IPODS!! I want to KILL xbox!!! Well I for one have never understood the reasons for sure why people want to home school there children. Is it so they will be smarter? Or to protect them from evils of the world as long as possible( really they are socially retarding them)? Or because they enjoy teaching them. I would if I was a genius and could teach them anything but more power to those who do it,but your kids are not safe any where these latter days. Today (a few days ago actually) marks the day my 6 year old asked us what GAY means. Yes from church, a little boy went to sit by another little boy and that boy said" why do you want to sit by me ,what do you think Im gay??"This is at church people. What the heck?? We just explained to him in simple terms and told him not to talk about it to any other kids. I dont want my kid to be THAT kid who tells everyone what it means. This parenting stuff is crazy. And kids talk like wildfire so everyone be prepared the GAY talk is coming to your block very soon! Oh yea NEWSFLASH Owen is so close to walking everywhere, he takes about 4 or 5 steps and then sits down. He is amazing I love this little guy!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pretty Funny!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Good times

Anyone that knows me knows I love movies. Its a given growing up in Rent a Flick. I have many fond memories of " working" with my mom( really I was just sitting there watching movies so she wasnt alone.) What I remember I truely treasure. I loved working with my brothers listening to all the latest music and watching the new movies before anyone else could.It was seriously awesome to be sick because my dad would bring home a huge stack of movies to watch. Oh the memories of watching James Bond when I was 6 are wonderful!! It was fun waiting for the roach coach to come and pick what ever we wanted because he just traded movie rentals for food. It was great! We pretty much traded everything for movie rentals-gymnastics,food,doughnuts,carpet cleaning and of course Dentistry. Anyways the point of this memory is my love for holiday movies. We at the oberly home love Elf and Jingle All the Way( sooo funny) and at the Merrill home we loved too many to name but we loved Better Off Dead, Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. What is everyones favorite movies???? Here are some more pictures. Owen figured out he can climb in the cupboard and shut the door it was really cute to watch him.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I think I can finally catch my breath after thanksgiving and hosting Bunko this week,so I can finally do a post. Wow we really had a great time on thanksgiving. We were planning on driving up on wednesday but my husband decided is was not happening with these 3 rugrats so we bought tickets to fly up. We didnt tell anyone so we showed up on Kendrias doorstep and surprised them! It was fun. I have never gone shopping on Black friday before(super early that is) I usually go later in the day. But Shaunasey wanted to go to the Park city outlets so we were going and we called and found out they opened doors at midnight. So we were all pumped up to go so we all went to sleep at 8:30 to wake up at 10:00 and drive an hour to get there when doors opened. It was me,Emily,Sha and Kendria and 2 nursing babies. Oh yea did I mention it was FREEEEEZING!!! Seriously like 15 degrees outside. So we shopped around for a couple of hours and finally went home at 4:30.Crazy I know but I havent stayed up like that since Post high school days. It was so fun. All the grand kids did great together, nine kids under 6 in one house , not too bad. Kendrias house made a great hotel! We visited my sister Trisha and that was fun as well but we didnt get very much time with her which I regret but hopefully we will see them soon!Oh yea we went to the temple and saw the lights and had hot cocoa and made some great memories. Good times! Flying was a breeze,soooo worth it to not have any money for christmas presents!! The kids did great ,I think this is the perfect size family for traveling. I hosted Bunklast night and it was great and I think everyone really enjoyed the food and prizes. Im so glad its over. Now I can focus on all the other stuff going on!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Belated post

Well its been a long crazy birthday Week here for Caden. He turned 6!!! We started off with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then after school we went to my sisters house to play and do the slip and slide. Then Mark met up with us at Applebees(cadens choice) He opened up a couple of presents from us and on Monday we had his party. Us and 27 little kids at BounceU. Crazy but so worth the money for a little hassell and a fun time.Plus no cleanup!! Caden Mark Oberly was born at 8:30 in the morning and he was a little stinker coming out. Took forever and he was sideways or upside down whatever. He was so beautiful and this kid has smiled and held his head up from day one, no JOKE!!! He was a wonderful baby or maybe its just that I love the baby stage but he was a great sleeper starting at 3 months. He walked just before his first birthday and hasnt stopped running. Just to name a few things that he likes to do: We got him a quad last year and he is a pro on it and loves it!! Unfornately he loves ps3 and xbox like his daddy, he totally rocks out on Guitar Hero , its crazy he is so good, He has always loved puzzles since he was 3, he likes baseball and always tells me he wants to do football when he is old enough. Oh yea this kid can eat, just like his daddy but who am I kidding I can out eat anyone on ice cream any day! He likes shrimp tempura( wierd I know) everytime we get sushi he wants ours, and crab legs, buffanos(wings) thats what he always called them. Caden is a great student( I was a little surprised because he is so, well energetic) he is a good learner and picks up fast on things except listening to his mommy the first time!! And finally the one thing everyone and I mean everyone says about him is he is a CLONE of his daddy. There is no me in his looks ,its all Mark its almost creepy. But they are both cute boys!! I hope he had a great week!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007


So for Halloween the kids and I made homemade pizzas and sugar cookies of course. Decorating cookies is their favorite thing to do. Then they got dressed up and Daddy barely made it home in time to take them around the block a few times. Then on saturday Mark had a few friends over and what do BIG BOYS do when they play??? Well HALO of course!! We had a few t.v.s as you can see and they all had a fun time. I went to hang out at Bob and Amys house so the kids wouldnt bother their tournament. I returned home at ten oclock and the party had just begun so they played until I think about 2 oclock. These are some other random pictures of my favorite people.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween week

The candy feast has begun. We had the school festival AND trunk or treat on Friday so the kids are already asking for candy everyday! I cant wait to get rid of all of it. Caden has his last soccer game on Saturday. It has been so fun watching him play. He is really fast and good at following the ball. Olivia keeps asking me when she can play and I just tell her she is doing dance right now. Boy once you get sucked into dance you cant really stop because you put soo much money into shoes,costumes recitals etc... I think next year we will just do gymnastics. i think that is more simple. I guess you just have to try everything to find what they are truely in love with,same for boys. So many different sports I just dont know what to do?? I just tell myself one thing at a time. After soccer Im debating whether Caden should do karate or gymnastics with Olivia. Mark is playing on the Ideal Cars softball team starting this week so thats always fun to watch especially this season because there are some first timers hahaha! So the countdown is on until the big drive to Utah for Thanksgiving. Im so not excited for that but I think we will drive most of the night while the kids sleep. I am excited to see our sisters. My sister is there and so is Marks. I havent seen Trisha for I think 2 years, that is awful. It will be nice to catch up.Heres some pics of the costumes but Im sure I will post more tomorrow!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Outside fun!

The kids really love playing outside in the cooler weather. Owen is obsessed with the wagon and the bikes. Its so cute. Our favorite thing is to walk around the neighborhood and look at the spooky halloween stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rocky Point

We went to mexico and had a blast. We all stayed in two condos next to each other. We went to the beach and pool all day long and ate at Rosys,our favorite breakfast spot and other random taco huts. We played games and just hung out. Owen did woderful he is such a sweetie. And the kids loved the beach. The drive home was way too long ,we waited 2 hours at the border which isnt bad compared to the people who left in the afternoon. We left at 7 and got home around 2. So we will never come home on sunday again. Overall a wonderful trip that we all agreed we must do often.Oh yea Mark had a bright idea to try parasailing with an old army parachute and the jeep or quad. (he is not allowed to have any more ideas) It worked a little. He conned his cousins in to trying it. They did survive without any brokenbones thank goodness unlike his last idea of sitting on an airbag(his friend broke his back!) Back to reality and life this week until we go to San diego for a wedding.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Back to school back to school

Well we survived october break! Tomorrow both kids go back to school. I have to say we kept busy so it went by fast. Last week we went down to Yuma to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hall. Emily and Jaxon went with us so that made it even more fun. We ate mostly muffins(best muffins ever) and chile pepper (best mexican) Yummy!!! We just hung out and played lots of games and went to the new mall. The new mall is amazing .They have every single store you could think of on one street. It wouldnt be so bad to live there, poor Mark had to grow up there! I love this weather it is beautiful. It makes it so fun to go and play with the kids outside. We are all ready for Halloween , Caden is wolverine,Olivia is a scary witch(with a green face) she is obsessed with a green face, and little O is a pirate argghh! The next couple of months we are doing alot of traveling so we will be busy so that means lots of pictures if I can remember my camera. This weekend we are going to Mexico to stay in my sisters condo and Marks family is going with us. It will be lots of fun just lounging around and playing Ticket to Ride, our new favorite game. Oh I found this picture and had to share it! Thanks to our good friends who can take a joke, we had a good laugh doing this to their car. Hahaha

Friday, October 12, 2007

Holiday Boutique

I am doing a boutique on saturday. Its going to have yummy food and crafts and of course my beautiful jewelry! Its at johnson ranch. To get there just take Ellsworth south to hunt highway and the house is behind walgreens. There should be signs out so its easy to find. So come and check it out. Buy gifts for christmas or just get stuff for yourself!!or just come say hi to me!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Long time no post!

Well life has been kind of crazy! My sister Christina was in and out of the hospital a couple of times and feeling miserable but she is finally home and hopefully going to heal and be done with it! Her ward has been great helping out with her 5 kids! I think it was nice for me to be in the hospital with her (when I could) because my mom is not here! Yesterday she called us to come over and make cookies(4 different kinds) so I know she is back to her old self again! I dont know why but for us baking is like therapy! So my sweet little pumpkin turned 1 last friday. We had family over for cake and ice cream on sunday! Owen devoured his cake it was so fun! And he loves his firetruck that we bought him! He is still not walking but he scoots everywhere. He is getting stronger though. He has 8 teeth and he waves bye bye and he just started giving loves to me and stuffed animals. Its so fun seeing a new dog do new tricks. Its just like the first and second, so exciting!! I wanted to journal a little about his birth because I havent yet!(oops terrible mommy!) Owen Ray was born on September 28 2006 at 2:35 am. The doctor induced me around 4:oo the afternoon before. He was named after his grandpas. Ralph Owen Merrill and Raymond Oberly. Mark and I both loved the name Owen even before Olivia so that part was easy! It was a great delivery ( epidural) but I could still feel a little bit so I was able to know what and when to push. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces but then they sucked a bunch of fluid out of his lungs so we swear he weighed 8 even . Exactly like caden and Olivia 8 pounds on the dot! Totally wierd but who am I kidding I gained a little more with this pregnancy! Owen has always been a great baby! After the first initial week of hell I mean breastfeeding, he was great! He is a wonderful sleeper but thats because I trained him for schedules from the start. (babywise book is the way to go) Unfortunately I stopped giving him the occasional bottle of formula when he was 4 months old that when I tried to give him one later around 7 months he refused. I was kicking myself because I was sick and really needed to give him one. We got through that and around 11 months we got him to do a sippy cup so finally he was weaned just in time for his birthday! Yea for me! Owen is by far my picky eater! Caden was great and ate everything thats probably why he was and is 95% for his weight. But Owen loves loves dino nuggets. He eats them almost everyday! I do force him to eat some veggies too! He loves baby einstein movies and he loves getting into his big brother and sisters room and playing with their stuff!! This has been a great year and I have loved every minute of it thanks Owen I love you!! Happy Birthday!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007