Monday, June 25, 2007

another week down!

Its been an okay week. We had a fun family day on thursday. We went to the mall and rode the carousel and looked at the puppies. The kids liked that. Then we ate lunch and played on the playground for a little bit. It was so stinkin hot so the inside was a good idea for that day. Then friday Mark took Caden and went to the d-backs game with his dad and brother. Saturday we went to the new Joes Farm Grill to eat dinner. Bob and Amy like it so much they met us there. That was fun. Oh yea! Marks sister Kendria had her baby on thursday. Cayson James Nowell hooray for them! They are in Utah so we wont get to see them for a few months. Yesterday Brett blessed Jaxon so we went to their ward and then dinner at Skips. It was a long day so we crashed when we got home last night.Church at 8 oclock is a killer!!! I think they will change it soon hopefully. We are counting down the days to go to San Diego. The kids are happy to look forward to something. Well thanks to all the moms for the advice on strollers. Im thinking about what I will do . Its fun to hear what other moms do to survive this motherhood thing! I actually used my sewing machine by myself! Yea!! Im getting more comfortable with it. And maybe I will make some curtains. We will see. First Im going to start with some simple stuff like a blanket for Livie because she ripped her other nice velvet one. And she only likes soft soft blankies to sleep with. I was headed out the door to go to La Fitness to check out there classes to see if I want to join.(of course I want to, we wanted to see the kids club) Then Caden pulls the "my tummy hurts" card on me! Arghhh its going to be one of those days. Nooooooo! We were all dressed and ready to go so we got out of the car and came inside. I put Owen down for a nap and he runs in to the bathroom. Thats the beauty of them getting older is they can run to the toilet. So not so much to clean up. So we are chillin at home today. Olivia was soooo mad that we werent going bye bye. She threw a fit! Barbie Rapunzel came to the rescue! If anyone has girls and no Barbie movies they are missing out. Go buy some today!! Caden already wants some toast so maybe he is not that bad!


Laura Smith said...

Note to self....get barbie movies! :) I'm glad you guys had a fun day on Thursday! Its always nice to have Daddy on a day off! I can't imagine the heat down there! I LOVE my sewing machine...I can't say that if I tackled curtians they would acutally look good enough to hang...and I made a quilt for Jalie but I haven't seen it since so I'm hoping it didn't fall apart! Dispite that I love using it! Be sure to show the "soft" blankets you make!

MEvans said...

That is so typical isn't it. You can have the best of intentions only to have them fall apart! You have inspired me to get out my sewing machine. I made curtains & pillows at Christmas, but I need to fix some other things, I just never make time for it. I know you could do curtains, they are so easy. If I can do it, anyone can.
Congrats to Kendria! Is that two or three now? And what have you decided about the stroller?