Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 4th!!

Happy birthday to my sweet and feisty little princess Olivia. Four years ago today she brightened our lives with all shades of PINK. She was a wonderful baby from the start. But now I have to say she is a little stinker most of the time but we love her to pieces. She really enjoys preschool and dance class. Everytime we take Caden to soccer she asks when is it her turn to do soccer??? Its so funny. She loves playing with Owen and its so cute to watch them play pretend.She has a tender heart and likes to share with her friends. For instance, in our truck is a huge pile of the sonic mints because Mark goes 12 times a day and nobody but her eats them so she took one on the way to school and tried grabbing fists full for her friends. She totally loves Barbie and all makeup. She is my sunshine!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Being sick when your not really sick is really sick ,you know ? really!

Wow life has just been a blur lately. Is anyone else sick of being sick?? My kids actually, I have been well. We didnt do anything that exciting on v day. My honey did get me some flowers and of course he got a massage. We picked up cheesecake factory to eat at home so it was a quiet evening at home. But friday we saw Jumper. We thought it was okay. Probably better as a rental though. I took Caden to see Spiderwick chronicles and it was good but pretty scary. I dont really think SOME kids could handle it under 6 years old but what do I know. We had a fun family get together at the Huishs. Christina made a ton of yummy homemade pizza and dessert pizza. It was delicious!They also got a new huge square tramp so that was a big hit with the kids. I enjoyed visiting with some cousins from california that I havent seen in many years. Over all a great day!! Back to school today hooray!!

Monday, February 4, 2008


My two super brushers have no cavities! (Well one super brusher and one lucky stinker!) Olivia is a pill about brushing her teeth but now she has a brushing chart and she is excited! I guess there are some advantages to having HUGE gaps between your teeth. We had a fun little super bowl party last night- Go Giants!Not that I really know whats going on in a game but I did enjoy the commercials. Mark liked the talking babies and I liked the gigantic pigeons. They were pretty funny! So Im reading the twilight books AGAIN and getting obsessed. Its so fun to read them but pretty soon you start thinking like Bella ( untouchable cliff jumping motorcycling Bella) It cant be good! My friend Melissa made me the playlists for the books and I love them. Except Eclipse, Im reading that right now so I need to make a cd. This is the longest afternoon of my life these 2 kids keep screaming at each other. Its too dang wet outside to play. Aghhhhhhhh what do I do to survive this time of day????