Saturday, March 31, 2007


Seriously its hard sometimes to count your blessings but today I was thinking. While I was ironing my pile of Shirts that I have gotten behind on, I was listening to conference. Bro Holland was talking and it made me think about my parents and how I hate that they are gone but love the work they are doing in the Bolivia temple. And Im so grateful that they are safe and being watched over. Also Iam so thankful for my sweet husband and our children. They do make me laugh every day. I was being the wicked witch and telling them "Caden gets none!"(about something I dont remember) and Olivia says "Mom whats none?" I immediately forgot about being mad. Mark continues to amuse me with his Oberly humor,I love him! He also did alot on the blog for me. Thanks to my great friend Ketsy for helping with my kids and Christina for the gift certif. I got a facial for the first time in 4 years! It was wonderful! Some how time flies by and before you know it you let yourself go as a mom. I really need to make time for pampering. It really does rejuvenate you! My sweet Owen is 6 months old! I cant believe it. It goes by too quickly. I really love the first year. Its when they are 2 and get into everything that I lose my mind. He is sitting up for a good five seconds now. Its so cute. And he did good for our family pictures I was so excited to get some good shots!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Holy Blog!!

Iam amazed by this blogging stuff. All I did was leave a message for Jordan and now I have a bunch from my girlies from high school. How fun to hear from all of you. I just figured out that you can leave messages on these things. So on my list of books I put Twilight and new moon. We just read them for Book Club because Lindsays cousin is the author. Okay I was in love with this book and the characters. Absolutely mesmerized!! Its about vampires but dont let that scare you away because its a love story not gory! My friends got together to discuss and everyone loved it. Because Im not a BIG reader I didnt even notice that is is a very simple read. Its targeted more to young adults thats me right? Anyways its 500 pages and I read it in 4 days! Thats amazing for me. Mark wondered where our children were the whole time. Needless to say my housekeeping duties fell a little behind. Hopefully I can figure this computer stuff out so I can post more pictures and stuff.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

this is us?

I guess thats as clever as we get for now. Iam excited to do this blog so my family( mainly my mom and Dad Elder and Senora Merrill in Bolivia) can check it often and see the kids grow in the next year and a half. We are just trying to survive day to day. We are all done potty training!Yea!! Olivia is amazing. Never any accidents. And Owen is sleeping 10 sometimes 12 hours at night. WONDERFUL! He has been a great baby. Iam truly enjoying him. I think the third one has to be easy or mom wouldnt survive. Caden continues to be a BIG helper too much sometimes but we love him. These are christmas pictures but we will have new family pics soon. We should be doing them on sunday. Its impossible to make all three smile but we will see what happens. We did the easter egg hunt at Christinas yesterday. That was fun. And its already warm enough to swim,well somedays. We are very excited for summer. But I might go crazy without preschool!

Thursday, March 22, 2007