Thursday, June 28, 2007

I finally figuring out this picture thing so now Im a little picture happy! Here is some from swimming lessons and fathers day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I dont know if I spelled that right but I dont care because Gecko Grill is open!!!!!! Yea! Today they opened there Queen Creek location like half a mile away from my house. I never have to cook again because soon they are opening a sushi,bbq and pizza all right there!Im only kidding of course I will cook a few days a week. I think I will make Gecko a tradition for friday nights! Yummmy!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

old pictures but fun to see! are they related?

another week down!

Its been an okay week. We had a fun family day on thursday. We went to the mall and rode the carousel and looked at the puppies. The kids liked that. Then we ate lunch and played on the playground for a little bit. It was so stinkin hot so the inside was a good idea for that day. Then friday Mark took Caden and went to the d-backs game with his dad and brother. Saturday we went to the new Joes Farm Grill to eat dinner. Bob and Amy like it so much they met us there. That was fun. Oh yea! Marks sister Kendria had her baby on thursday. Cayson James Nowell hooray for them! They are in Utah so we wont get to see them for a few months. Yesterday Brett blessed Jaxon so we went to their ward and then dinner at Skips. It was a long day so we crashed when we got home last night.Church at 8 oclock is a killer!!! I think they will change it soon hopefully. We are counting down the days to go to San Diego. The kids are happy to look forward to something. Well thanks to all the moms for the advice on strollers. Im thinking about what I will do . Its fun to hear what other moms do to survive this motherhood thing! I actually used my sewing machine by myself! Yea!! Im getting more comfortable with it. And maybe I will make some curtains. We will see. First Im going to start with some simple stuff like a blanket for Livie because she ripped her other nice velvet one. And she only likes soft soft blankies to sleep with. I was headed out the door to go to La Fitness to check out there classes to see if I want to join.(of course I want to, we wanted to see the kids club) Then Caden pulls the "my tummy hurts" card on me! Arghhh its going to be one of those days. Nooooooo! We were all dressed and ready to go so we got out of the car and came inside. I put Owen down for a nap and he runs in to the bathroom. Thats the beauty of them getting older is they can run to the toilet. So not so much to clean up. So we are chillin at home today. Olivia was soooo mad that we werent going bye bye. She threw a fit! Barbie Rapunzel came to the rescue! If anyone has girls and no Barbie movies they are missing out. Go buy some today!! Caden already wants some toast so maybe he is not that bad!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

calling all mommies!

I need some advice as far as strollers go. Im thinking of buying one of those sit and stand strollers. Are they worth it? And what brand? I have been reading reviews on Babiesrus and Im confused about what I should buy. Should I just buy a smaller double srtoller that folds down more compactly or get a sit and stand? Any advice would be helpful. If you are blog hopping please leave some advice I would love to hear from who ever. BTW If anyone saw the deleted post before this Im sorry for the lapse in editing>Mark is not allowed to have my password anymore!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Why is a cell phone like gold to a baby? Seriously, Owen will be screaming and I whip out my phone and he immediately stops to chew on it. So funny. He is getting his two front teeth now so he is a little whiney. He loves chewing on a frozen waffle, does wonders for me when I am trying to make dinner. We went to cheesecake factory last weekend with Christina and Dale Yummmmy!! I love that place. Owen just sat and chewed on bread for an hour .He was wonderful! Im kinda sad I missed out on girls camp this week. I really hope next year. Its funny how I disliked it when I was younger but now I want to go. Although we did have showers and bathrooms and thats the only kind of camping I will do it was just the whole rebellion thing. I really hope I can be a good leader to these girls. Its so important now a days. I still remember stuff from my leaders that really stuck with me. Mark is so happy that I posted that lovely mugshot. We had a good fathers day. We got him a flag for his quad and caden picked out a belt and shorts. Then we made, I mean I made, a big breakfast . Shaunasey gave us an awesome new waffle maker so we had those. Then Skip and Connie and Brett and Emily came over for a Mexican feast. It was a fun day with our Daddy! I also talked to my Dad. They are doing wonderful in Bolivia. Totally loving it. I miss having my mommy though. Im such the baby of the family. But time flies by when you are busy with three munchkins! Tomorrow is Marks day off. I cant wait to see whats in store for us. Maybe the carousel at the mall if Olivia is lucky or the Fantastic four movie if Caden is.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers day to the best Daddy Ever!!

Well except my daddy of course. Thanks to my Mark for being a great father to our children even with his busy schedule! And thanks for giving me the three best things in this world. Te amo mucho!! Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So we had a little family time at the movies on monday. We saw Surfs Up and it was pretty cute. Mark and I also saw Oceans 13 last weekend and we both liked it. Its kinda rare that we both like a movie because he is so picky. It had some slow parts but better than the last one. The kids get so dang bored during the day. This summer is a long one! When the baby is trying to take two naps a day, two hours each. Thats a lot of shhhshing! Poor kids are sick of me! But these two are going to get along sooner or later!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Somebody teach this kid how to drink!

We never realized it until the Disneyland trip but I guess we never taught Caden how to drink from a water fountain....

Friday, June 8, 2007

ode to the handy man i married!!

Mark is wonderfully talented when it comes to work around the house. Our garbage disposer broke and he decided to just replace the whole sink! We knew we wanted to when we moved in but never got around to it. I love his days off because he sometimes does fun projects in my benefit. (not the barbecue he has been working on forever!) So I come home and the whole sink is ripped out.I said " uh please tell me you know what you are doing!" He said we will see. I was worried just a little but I knew he could do it! So I left to go give a massage and came home to a beautiful new sink and faucet. Boy what a difference it makes! He has done some other wonderful things around the house but its hard for me to want to do that stuff if we arent going to live in this house forever. Oh well I guess you just start all over with a new house. We are not moving any time soon but we would love a basement someday and if I want a suburban I need a bigger garage! Ha ha! Anyways I love my handyman thanks honey!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

ohhhh give me patience!!!!!!!!!

arghhhh!! My sweet little princess is so darn stubborn! She would rather sit in timeout for like 30 minutes than say sorry! She just wont say it! So frustrating. Well Summer said it right about naptime! It is the best time of day. Until they start growing out of it.Caden is done with naps and Olivia fights hers everyday. She will actually sleep about every other day. Owen takes his solid two every day. Except when I decide to run errands and it messes up his schedule. Olivia and Caden are doing swim lessons with Suzy Higginbothom Irwin this week and next. They are doing so great! Little fishes!It will be nice to have them swimming on there own. We just decided to go to San Diego with Marks family in July. Im so excited although a little nervous traveling with 3 in a hotel room. We will have lots of help so it will be fun! I have 6 weeks to lose some more baby weight!I cringe at the thought of going to the beach with these white thighs! I just signed Olivia up for dance again. She absolutely loves that stuff its so cute!! And Caden will do soccer in the fall. Owen will hopefully learn to crawl somewhere in there. I hope its after our beach trip! Mark says Iam hindering his development by not helping him to crawl but I just like him staying still!! He will do it when he is ready but Iam not pushing it!

Sunday, June 3, 2007