Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First day of school!!

Hooray its finally here! Caden was so brave and just walked right in to kindergarten all by himself. He was so happy to help pack a lunch and couldnt wait to eat it. I felt guilty for enjoying my time at home without being a referee for a while. But we got some things done but Olivia did miss him and kept trying to get me to play with her. Now I cant wait for preschool in 2 weeks. After school it took a half hour to pick up. Caden told me about recess(2 of them) and the teachers big computer screen and his friends and lalala he had lots of fun. He did get a little tired at nap time but he didnt fall a sleep. I missed him and I tried really hard to not get mad at him for the rest of the day because thats pretty much all I will see him is 4until 9 when he crashes. This will be good for both of us kind of refreshing our relationship and making us enjoy our little time together. Today Im trying to get stuff done while Owen is sleeping. And tadaa! I finally made Olivias blanket all by myself. I can say I truely know my sewing machine pretty well now. Im excited for more projects. Its not even 11:00 and we are on our 2nd fruit roll up and small bag of chips. I guess I better find something for this little girl to do today or she will be on a pure sugar rush. She is really starting to mature. The way she talks sometimes is so grown up. But only when she is alone its so funny. She is such a sweetheart. I can tell us girls are going to have fun as she gets older. Im so thankful for these three sweet miracles I have been blessed with.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How'd they decide on who'd be the girl?

This is pretty cool, its some 1500 prisoners in a prison in the Philipines doing the whole "Thriller" dance routine...

Sorry, it wont let me embed it into our blog anymore so you'll have to click this link..

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob!!

Friday we went to Joes Farmgrill for Bobs bday. They do some special free whatever for your special day and Bob and Brett know everything you can get free on your birthday! Most of the Oberlys were there. Its good food and it was good for a large group. This is a picture of Olivia all ready for her dance class .She wouldnt smile because the sun was blinding her but she is so cute in her leotard and tap shoes. WE went to meet Cadens teacher and see the school and he is really excited. Its going to be great for him. Tonight we are going out for date night. Not sure where we are going to go yet. Tomorrow is the last day of 8:00 church yahoo!! And tomorrow night is card night so it will be fun. Today we opened up our last jar of Grandmas homemade raspberry jam:( so sad. If you read this Grandma Caden said you could probably just send a package!:) WE love you!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Angels and Airwaves

I swear this is like a soundtrack to our lives. We listen to this album constantly and never get sick of it.Every song is really good. Even the kids are starting to sing along!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fresh cuts!

On saturday we all went to aunt Emilys house to get our hair cut. It was Owens first haircut! He did not like it very much but he looks so cute with a fresh cut! Heres my boys looking handsome! On friday night we went out with Jared and Misti Willis to see Chuck and Larry (pretty funny) and eat at Carrabbas. We had fun. Owen is sooooo close to crawling. Oh yeah, He waved and said bye bye the other day it was so stinkin cute!! I just love babies so much. This age is dangerous for me because they are soo fun that I "Think" that having another one would be fun. But I know if I wait until about 15 months I quickly will change my mind. Thats when they become little stinkers getting in to everything. For now Iam enjoying my little sweeties! Next week our world will be flipped upside down! My Caden will be gone all day 9-3:30. Its sad but we will manage! Olivia will start preschool in 2 weeks. Im not sure I will know what to do with myself. Mark will definitely have to take away the debit card because thats just too much fun for me! No but really it will be nice to be totally on top of all the house chores and maybe some organizing.I really miss my mom. I wish she was around to do stuff like that with me. Yesterday Caden was watching a book of mormon movie( thanks to grandma Lynna he loves them) and their was a poor family begging the evil rich family for some bread and he said "Im glad we arent poor mommy!" I said its because our daddy goes to work every day and works hard to make us money and he said Im glad he does! So thanks to our daddy we can go and buy bread from costco! We love you honey!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

San Diego

We just got back from San Diego. Every year Marks family has been going to the same Beach and same hotel for like 30 years. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. They are actually thinking about moving it up to Carlsbad next year. Its gotten pretty bad in Ocean Beach, we gave it the motto "Ocean Beach, where the homeless feel like they're not." All his cousins agree its probably time to move on.

Here's Owen playing peek-a-boo with his shirt on the beach.

And Caden "surfing" in the freezing cold water.

Mark found this really cool place called the wave house where they have artificial waves to surf on, it was a lot of fun. Here is video of him doing it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We love play dates! Yesterday we went to my good friend Rachel Mcavoy's house for a little lunch and slippin and sliding!! Ketsy and Melinda came also so us moms had fun chatting. We love playing with friends and all the kids get along pretty well together. So Mark did very well speaking in church even though he felt it was false doctrine. Only because they asked him to speak on Fasting which he can never do because of his diabetes. So they said to tell about other ways to fast or things to fast from I should say. Like tv or cell phone or sugar. but in his case its Diet Coke! I want to kill Sonic and their Diet Coke because my husband is so addicted!!!! Anyways dont even get me started!(he goes twice a day) He did a good job and woke the congregation up with his witty humor! We had an unusaually busy sunday , meetings and a fireside it was crazy. But good news we switch to 9:40 am church starting in August Yea!!!!! WE have less than 3 weeks until Kindergarten.Im a little nervous for him but excited too!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fun week

We had a fun week. We went to a swim party at Caryns and saw some old friends from high school that was fun. Steph you have not changed a bit, I love your stinkin guts!! Good luck figuring out where to plant your family. Then on the 4th we went to the Huishs and watched movies and ate yummy barbecue and swam it was great!! We came home and watched the fireworks from our driveway. Then we all crashed! It was a good day! Last night Mark and I went to Chandler mall and ate at Kona grill. It was pretty good. But our favorite for sushi is Sushi Avenue on Guadalupe and Higley.Yummmmy! Mark has to speak in church (hahahaah) and I have to teach so we will probably hang out at home tonight and wait til the last minute to plan our stuff. I cant seem to find enough time and energy to do all the housework I feel like Im drowning so Im trying to clean today but I really want to get a babysitter and go shopping for some beach wear! Okay so Best in Show was on today and it is seriously on the top ten funniest movies! It is hilarious. If you havent seen it check your tv guide because they play it like every week! So what is everyones favorite funny movie?? Im always up for a laugh. I still love Better off Dead ( got to stick to my roots with the Merrills) and of course Tommy Boy! But what else is out there that Im forgetting? Please share with the class!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My little cutie pie!

Owen is now 9 months old! I cant believe it! He has almost 5 teeth and not crawling yet! Its hilarious he just sits there still. Some people would be worried but Im not because I know he is healthy and strong and will crawl when his mommy I mean when he is ready! He loves his big brother but sometimes gets annoyed and cries for me to rescue him. Olivia does his hair and loves to play baby with him. We are having fun swimming alot this summer and now Caden swims officially all by himself! We went to Christinas on saturday to swim and played games that night with Brett and Emily and Skip and Connie. Just a lazy weekend. We had Geckos twice in 3 days. The new place is really nice. Two weeks until we leave for the beach! Yea!!!