Monday, April 28, 2008

Serious death bed

Holy cow I was hit hard with the stomach flu on saturday. I seriously wanted to die it was so bad.I dont think I have been this sick in years. I was having flashbacks of the kidney operation it was that bad. Thank goodness it was on the weekend so Mark was around. I had a few hours by myself and the whole house was trashed,I could not get out of bed and Owen would stand there and cry at me everytime I laid back down. It was sad.All night my body ached so bad I couldnt sleep. Sunday I just laid around while Mark took care of the kids.He was a good sport about it but I could tell it was getting to him by bedtime:) How will he survive with me gone at girls camp??? Well today I feel a little less like dying and more capable of walking around without my head exploding.Im thankful for two things my sweet Mark and that Olivia knows how to play!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Okay Iam in a much better mood today. Hormones are a bad bad thing. So I had Bunko two weeks in a row because I subbed for one. And it was so fun. But the other night for my own I had the worst headache and was so desperate to enjoy myself that it wasnt that great.I thought I might be getting what Owen has but no(thank goodness) it was just from my day of cleaning up throw up that made me ill!! This poor baby has been miserable. Mark swears he has lost 10 pounds. He has thrown up off and on since sunday or maybe saturday I cant remember. Finally got him on evil antibiotics and we will see if things clear up. I need to get some more colloidal silver and give that to him. Caden had his first two t-ball games. So funny. I didnt realize it was such a joke. I mean yea they are 6 years old but they dont keep score????? I dont know what I was expecting from these little guys I guess Im ridiculous. Oh well. Im going to put them in gymnastics this summer so that will be fun.Olivia will love it Im sure:)Hooray for Grandma Connie sleepovers,Caden and Olivia are going there on friday. It will be just the three of us for the night. Some times on Marks day off we go out to breakfast just us and Owen and it is so fun. Not that I dont love and cherish my other missing children its just fun to pay attention to the baby and only him. I now truely understand what it means to be the spoiled baby in the family.