Monday, March 31, 2008


If one more person tells my husband they saw his wife driving "like a bat out of hell" Iam going to start driving around with my pellet/bb gun and shooting anyone I recognize!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you go.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love love love the Porters!! Thanks for having a great family picnic. We all had a blast talking and playing with family.What a coincedence that my lesson the next day for YWs was about loving our extended family. I felt truely blessed as I was teaching my class, that I have a wonderful family on both sides. Unfortunately my family doesnt really do anything with "extended" family very often. But my goal is to change that this summer when my parents get home. I love how Marks family is close to aunts and uncles and cousins. My whole life I have just had 4 brothers,3 sisters,spouses, grandchildren etc etc. There was always a full house. But now I think we need to branch out a little on the family tree. My mom always knew how much I loved family get togethers(being the youngest) so she would always have sunday dinners with everyone. I looked forward to it so much. As I got older and everyone started moving out I was lonely. I became an aunt when I was 7 and loved all the kids. I miss those days.... With 25 grandkids, its a little chaotic to get together now but I still love it. Why do we have to grow old to really appreciate your siblings and parents. My poor parents. I cant believe they have survived. They are really special. Blah blah blah Im rambling. Easter was good we went to Lacys house for dinner and did an egg hunt. Kids loved it. Im slacking big time with pictures so hopefully I will get better. Poor Owen is hacking sooo bad today so Im home from church with him. He is so sweet I hate to see him suffer.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rage In The Cage

This is the video of our "Brother from Another Mother" fighting at Rage in the cage a few weeks ago. He was amazing and we had a blast. Good Job Cody!

Friday, March 14, 2008

spring break.........Whats next???

So I had parent teacher conference with Cadens teacher. He is doing wonderful in class. She said he is a math whiz and writing sentences beyond his grade. I am so excited. What a relief to know he doesnt have any learning problems. She also said he isnt playing as rough as often as he used to.Such great news. This week has been break from school and Im having an emotional break. Seriously these kids are sooo demanding when they are all together. I cant seem to get anything done around here. I figured if I can keep on top of the dishes and laundry I can make it until next monday and finally clean!! Caden wants some entertainment constantly and it makes me feel bad when he is sad after i tell him no about something. We were going to go to mexico for a couple of days but couldnt find a condo and decided to save the money for my new car. We sold my tahoe after 5 hours on craigs list. I couldnt believe it. So Im driving Marks truck now and that means the kids are all right next to each other,so thats a little annoying. But Targets open so now I dont have to drive as far for stuff!! Hooray! Grandpa is babysitting for us tonight and I cant wait to go out on a date. A much needed break from the little munchkins.