Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So we had a little family time at the movies on monday. We saw Surfs Up and it was pretty cute. Mark and I also saw Oceans 13 last weekend and we both liked it. Its kinda rare that we both like a movie because he is so picky. It had some slow parts but better than the last one. The kids get so dang bored during the day. This summer is a long one! When the baby is trying to take two naps a day, two hours each. Thats a lot of shhhshing! Poor kids are sick of me! But these two are going to get along sooner or later!


Maren and Scott said...

how fun! i saw a preview for both those movies tonight. i'll have to go see them!

The Farnsworth Family said...

We want to go see both movies. We will probably take the kids this Saturday to Surf's up. I have heard good stuff about it! Your FHE's are fun! Can I be a part of your family :)

BTW what are some of the good areas to live by you and in Gilbert? I get discouraged looking online. We will be the only orthodontist who be living with our parents cause we can't afford a place to live :) Have you heard of anything about areas by the new San Tan shopping?

Nate and Lauren said...

hey I have a question for you... are you taking clients for massages?? I am a hygienist and I get so tense in my neck and shoulders, so I love to get worked on... but I would also like to go to someone I know, I can't ever relax with a stranger!! Do you come to me or do I go to you? and how much per hour?? thanks


p.s I saw your brother the other day and he was talking about guitar hero, I am really going to have to try that game out!

Tiana said...

Hey Leslie. I miss you guys SSSOOOOO much!!!!! I've been trying to talk with Mark but I guess he's really busy. I think I talked to him about hanging this wknd. I didnt' know if he was still planning on it or not. If yes, then what we were going to do would be my next question. Whenever either one of you get a chance give me a call. I'm back to my old schedule 3:30 to midnight so if you call leave a msg and i'll call you back. Or just call in the morning's if you want. Talk to you later. Luv you guys and miss you guys.