Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Owen turns 3!!

Owen had his birthday and of course he got some trains and I thought he should finally learn to ride a real bike. So we had a little family party at Papas house. Umm if your wondering who decorated the cake it was Olivia and Owen:) Who needs fancy cakes? Then later that week we went to chuck e cheeses with our friends the Willis family. Owen hates chuckie.This kid is so different. He does not care for any pictures or any attention from a crowd. Overall it was fun and he has some fun toys to keep him busy. I cant believe I had him 3 years ago. That seems like forever ago. He was such a sweet baby. I loved and cherished every moment I got to rock him. I still get to rock him and hold him for a few minutes before bed. He is our little stinker and we love him. He is so particular about what he wants to wear/eat or whatever. Some days are very frustrating. Anyways this is a sad week for me because we had to say goodbye to my parents. They left on monday to go to Spain on a mission. We had a get together with the family and I took some pictures. Oh and Olivia started dance again and you would think she won the lottery. It was a happy day but a long day counting down to 5:00. I love watching her she is really good.