Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I dont know if I spelled that right but I dont care because Gecko Grill is open!!!!!! Yea! Today they opened there Queen Creek location like half a mile away from my house. I never have to cook again because soon they are opening a sushi,bbq and pizza all right there!Im only kidding of course I will cook a few days a week. I think I will make Gecko a tradition for friday nights! Yummmy!!


Jamie said...

Hey, I live in Queen Creek, off Ironwood and Ocotillo. Where is the Gecko Grill? Where are you in QC? It is a small world, especially with Mormons and now especially with the BLOG! :)

MEvans said...

HELLO!! I know I miss you guys too. Especially now that Greg has been reconnecting with everyone. You know Southwest has some pretty cheap flights. You guys HAVE to come. We've been here two years now. Isn't Mark supposed to be Greg's BFF! Come to KC, get out of the heat!

Kim & Max Willis family said...

okay! so I love reading your Blog! your life seems as crazy as mine is at times! wait what am I thinking, my life is crazy always:)
Oh im glad you joined the "3 kid club" finally! what a fun club to join!!:)ha ha
oh so WE need to get Lindsay to start a blog! I told her too! maybe she will listen to you!
Your family is so stinkin' cute!!!