Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rock on!!

We sold our rockband on Craigslist so we could get the wireless set. So of course we had to do a little rockin out last night.Caden is so good at drums and Olivia even tried it but she mostly dances and sings in the background. We have a lot of fun doing it especially in the game room. So come over and try to beat cadens score I dare ya!:)

hot diggitty dog

The other night i wanted to go with my friends to the gym,so i left mark to do hot dogs with the kids. They went outside around the fire and did marshmallows too.He is a fun daddy. The next day Olivia told me how much fun she had. Its amazing how little simple things like hot dogs,make kids happy and a great memory.

crazy hair day

This was Caden on crazy hair day for school. I thought it was hilarious. He was so funny....looking:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Gosh I thought I should post something since I have been soo lame lately. I had my birthday and it was truely special. My mom had a luncheon for me and my family at her house and then I had a pedicure and then came home to be lazy and watched 27 dresses and ate popcorn. It was a good day. Oh and mark got me an Iphone!!! Which I am in love with. They are really amazing. So besides getting one year closer to 30 it was a good day!!My kids picked a few things too. Olivia loves bouquets of flowers so she got me some pink ones.Caden picked out some chocolates and some bath stuff. And owen got me a new shirt:)We have been busy having ufc and super bowl parties in our theater. I told Mark its my turn to have my family over. Because it always ends up being his(whom I Love)but my family needs a little love too.Now its finally february or already I should say. olivia is counting down the days until her birthday. And I mean she is obsessed. She was stuck on going ice skating with boys and girls(I know Iam in trouble with this little girl) but I think I finally changed her mind. I was trying to get her to do a pajama party but she wasnt too thrilled because "will and Landon cant come" They are her two future husbands, she really likes them. So as of yesterday she was liking the idea of chuckie stupid cheese! which is okay less work for me.But princess parties are so fun. Anymore ideas are welcome... Anyways Mark and I had our anniversary. It was low key but we have been needing and wanting to go on a trip together anywhere but it hasnt happened. Mark is planning a scuba trip to catalina end of march with couples but it sounds like no wifes want to go so Im ousted out and its a guy trip. Soo lame!I should just tag along. But I get to go on a girls trip in march so I guess its only fare. Oh I wanted to journal about my little "O" He was sick a while back and it was so sad but sweet how he wanted mommy.He would just lay in my lap and watch movies or books.I get the joy of rocking him for 5 minutes or so before he goes to bed naps and all. And I just treasure those minutes of hugging him and cuddling with him. If I try to put him in bed he says "rock" its so cute. and when he is ready he says bed. I think its been good for him to go to bed happy with his red blankie that he loves. he is cute but he is pretty stubborn too. He likes to help with the dishes and of course baking. He says a lot of words now and I guess I need to start talking potty to him. I cant even imagine how great it will be to have nooo diapers:)woohoo but im dreading the training. Someone told me that their grandma did all the training with her kids and it went great(hint hint) So Caden is doing flag football, and its been fun,i think, he doesnt get a whole lotta action on the field yet but he is learning and next year he will be great. I put him in the older age group by accident so he plays alot of 3rd graders. So thats frustrating. But its a good experience. He does little league next month. And I just signed Caden and Olivia up for gymnastics. They really like it. And its fun for me to watch. So we are busy but its good. Thats my update:)