Monday, June 30, 2008

Little slow

Gosh I have been back for a week and havent blogged my trip of a lifetime.Well I guess not a lifetime because we are doing it every year.(sorry Mark) I went to San Francisco with my 7 wonderful friends. I have known these girls for along time. I still remember meeting them,It started with Carrie in kindergarten. Alli and I used to do gymnastics together,Kets, Rachel and Melinda went to Macarthur with me and same ward(Ketsy remember that halloween picture of us,you were an old lady with rollers or something) then I met Linds in 7th grade, she was the blonde "franklin" girl that lived down the ditch from my house,and last but not least was Raquel. I met Raquel for the first time sophomore year when everyone piles into a mini van after school to hitch a ride home. I think it was Chas's car. Correct me if Im wrong,you probably dont remember. You were seriously annoyed by all us cackling girls but secretly wanted to join. Just look at you now!! What would we do without your serious make up skills.Wow Im lucky to know all these wonderful girls. WE had so much fun. But my favorite was conversing with all the random strangers that felt the need to talk to us.and when Lindsay flagged down a guy and girl in a land Rover to hitch a ride to Ghirardelli so we wouldnt miss our sundaes. yes we fit eleven people in a land rover. it was hilarious heres the picture for proof. We rented bikes and went across the bridge. half rode on the pedestrian side so we continually got yelled at so we continued to ring our little bike bells in their ears!!That was a good time. We went to china town and pier 39 where Ketsy spotted Katie Couric and said "welcome to San Francisco" she was truely star struck! Hahahaah Love ya Kets! We did Kareoke of course with Dancing Queen and it was a wonderful trip. I came home to a completely in tack home with no dishes in the sink. That was great too. Mark did an awesome job he is definitely #1 daddy.Especially because I am leaving this week for girls camp. But we are flying his mom here to help out so he will be off the hook a little. I forgot to mention what a trooper Melinda was, she being 8 months prego and all. She never complained she was great.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer so far

Well we have survived 2 weeks of summer and it has been fun.Yesterday we saw Kung fu panda. It was cute but Olivia lost interest after a while.We have been swimming and playing like crazy. Heres some fun pictures. The first one was in the morning Owen went to wake up Olivia and layed in bed with her it was so cute. Has anyone else been suckered into buying these blankets off the side of the road??? Oh just me, well they are super soft and we got 3 for a pretty good deal. We got Caden a pirates one to go with his room. Another picture is what my little creative Caden came up with, he built a little town out of food from the pantry. Too funny.He has a beautiful mind. He also wanted to take some pictures, so mommy is actually in front of the camera. I love these little monkeys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I forgot to post these a while ago. This was Cadens note to the tooth fairy,hilarious!! And Olivias preschool graduation. She sang some songs and it was really cute. We love Mrs. Nancy and will be back with her next year. So I had my big 10 year reunion this weekend and it was fun. Ketsy did a wonderful job. It blows my mind that people I went to school with are doctors and lawyers. It was interesting to see people,I mean it was "neat". I love my girlfriends and we had fun and loved that our husbands enjoyed talking to each other. Has anyone else heard that song from Juno on a commercial on t.v.????Weird.......