Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Belated post

Well its been a long crazy birthday Week here for Caden. He turned 6!!! We started off with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then after school we went to my sisters house to play and do the slip and slide. Then Mark met up with us at Applebees(cadens choice) He opened up a couple of presents from us and on Monday we had his party. Us and 27 little kids at BounceU. Crazy but so worth the money for a little hassell and a fun time.Plus no cleanup!! Caden Mark Oberly was born at 8:30 in the morning and he was a little stinker coming out. Took forever and he was sideways or upside down whatever. He was so beautiful and this kid has smiled and held his head up from day one, no JOKE!!! He was a wonderful baby or maybe its just that I love the baby stage but he was a great sleeper starting at 3 months. He walked just before his first birthday and hasnt stopped running. Just to name a few things that he likes to do: We got him a quad last year and he is a pro on it and loves it!! Unfornately he loves ps3 and xbox like his daddy, he totally rocks out on Guitar Hero , its crazy he is so good, He has always loved puzzles since he was 3, he likes baseball and always tells me he wants to do football when he is old enough. Oh yea this kid can eat, just like his daddy but who am I kidding I can out eat anyone on ice cream any day! He likes shrimp tempura( wierd I know) everytime we get sushi he wants ours, and crab legs, buffanos(wings) thats what he always called them. Caden is a great student( I was a little surprised because he is so, well energetic) he is a good learner and picks up fast on things except listening to his mommy the first time!! And finally the one thing everyone and I mean everyone says about him is he is a CLONE of his daddy. There is no me in his looks ,its all Mark its almost creepy. But they are both cute boys!! I hope he had a great week!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007


So for Halloween the kids and I made homemade pizzas and sugar cookies of course. Decorating cookies is their favorite thing to do. Then they got dressed up and Daddy barely made it home in time to take them around the block a few times. Then on saturday Mark had a few friends over and what do BIG BOYS do when they play??? Well HALO of course!! We had a few t.v.s as you can see and they all had a fun time. I went to hang out at Bob and Amys house so the kids wouldnt bother their tournament. I returned home at ten oclock and the party had just begun so they played until I think about 2 oclock. These are some other random pictures of my favorite people.