Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My stupid template erased my friends list for the eleventeenth time so Im sick of putting it on it takes forever to do but I will someday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Girl fun!!

Yea! I broke free from the chains that bind a nursing mother and her wee babe! My favorite husband actually let me go with my favorite girls for an overnighter this weekend! Soooooooooo much fun. We went to Rachels cabin and we ate and chatted and danced and ate some more. Owen did surprisingly well! and so did Daddy he managed to take all three to peter piper and dippin dots! He is amazing!Thanks babe!Lindsay and Carrie came in town for this special trip and it was great to have them around. Only one missing was Brooke! Getting together with them makes me forget how old we are getting and we are all the same its hilarious or sad Im not sure!!Oh I finished Eclipse and I did enjoy it better as I read it! Im so sad to wait for the next book or movie!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pals Night

On friday we went over to the Willis's house for pals night. Marks "pals" are his buddies from high school that we see and hang out with often. We had fun playing games and talking while the kids did a water slide. I think its really neat that we both hang out with our old friends still. We have lots of memories from before we got married and after. I love mellow nights of just hanging out! Thanks to Jared and Misti for hosting!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Olivia 's first day of preschool,Funny faces


Can someone please tell me how to make my blog all cute and polka dotty!!!!!!!! Just lay it on me step by step please!We want to be cute too!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Nanny Wanted!!

No not for me,for my sister. If anyone has a sister or cousin or whatever that is newly married or single with no kids who would love to work with some sweet little angels:) My sister lives in gilbert and is looking for someone. Im not sure how many days a week but it would be perfect for someone going to school. If someone is interested please leave a comment or email. I wish I could do it but those days are over when I have my own rugrats to chase around. Many perks included, like a Great Boss for one thing. I know someone out there knows someone so lets put this blogging stuff to good use!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Bully or Be Bullied

Caden has been enjoying school. I have been doing his flash cards with him and he has already learned so much. Its fun to see him learn. He loves going to music class and P.E. and the library. But the other day he said to me. Guess how many kids hit me today? I said WHAT?? hE SAID 3! i VERY CALMLY TRIED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. It sounded like it was playful but still it made me sad. I dont know whats worse. Being the Bully or get bullied around? Caden is a very overpowering child and is usually the one that is controling but I guess it can go both ways.So this is just the beginning of our journey into school and all the lovely things that come along with it. Gee I cant wait until he comes home asking about you know what!Oh yea! WE saw Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday and it was great!Olivia did school yesterday and she loved it. But she was a little stinker after I picked her up. I guess she was tired. Last night I went over to Melindas house with Rachel and we did a "craft" night. It was fun to chit chat. I just made some jewelry but Melinda made this really cute picture thingy that Im going to try next time! Today Emily Amy and Connie are coming over to make some jewelry too!It will be fun. Caden gets out early today and I keep fearing that Im going to forget about an early release day and he will just sit there forever waiting for me. That would be awful. I dont want to be that mom! So Im trying to teach Owen to do a cup so I can wean him because Im going on a girls overnighter next weekend.YEA!!! bUt he doesnt like a cup very much but he seems to be getting better. He refuses a bottle so thats out of the question. He is such a sweetie. I was looking at Pictures of Olivia as a baby and they look just like Owen. So finally the Merrill Genes have conquered the Oberlys!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

seriously Mark does NOT have a hot dog stand outside of home depot but he is a dork! Does that count???

Monday, August 6, 2007

Best concert ever!

Well almost,up there in my top 3!We went to see Jimmy Eat World on friday at the new Mesa Arts center. It was an awesome show and that place is really nice.We love Jimmy and they just put on a really great show!Jim Adkins puts his whole heart into entertaining the crowd. And we were on the 8th row so I could feel his sweat every time he banged his head! It was great! Saturday we went out with Vance and Tina to celebrate for the Kidney anniversary. We went to Roys a fancy Hawaiin cuisine restaurant. It was tasty but pricey! Today marks the day 8 years ago I was sliced in half to give my kidney to my big brother. It was not a fun thing but totally worth it. We were talking about after and how I dont remember much but how they have pictures and Im so scared to see them. I totally felt like the bride on sixteen candles all morphined up,scratching my face and licking the air and stuff Im sure it was entertaining. Lindsay always said it was scary to see me like that. That first week was so hard,I was so soar and stiff. Vance did great immediately and then he started rejecting so that was freaking us all out. I seriously felt like dying if I did it for nothing.But he had a blessing and started to get better and better and now its been 8 years. Every year we go to a totally expensive restaurant to celebrate. He has had his up and downs but taking like 12 different pills a day will do that to you!No one ever knows for sure how long a transplanted kidney will last but we will take every year we can get. I have heard of some lasting 14 years. That would be great. Thanks to all those laps we ran in cheer to keep these kidneys healthy(haha)He will most likely get a kidney from one of his 4 kids now. And the surgery is alot easier now,less recovery. Since the surgery they thought they were done having kids but they had two little miracles come along Kinley and Harrison. We are lucky to have them close to us in queen Creek. They are our favorite video rental place because they have every movie you can think of. So I love you Vance lets make it another 8 years!!!!!