Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Day for me!!

I had my birthday last weekend and it was great. I got to enjoy all my favorite things in one day, shopping,friends,ice cream, dinner with family and then a movie with my Mark! He really pulled through for me on this birthday. (i was a little worried after not getting ANYTHING for our anniversary) but he gave me exactly what I wanted ,money to go shopping and a sweet card. Thanks honey! Oh and he sat through a movie that was totally a chick flick just for me, thats love! This is a picture of my sweet Owen and his new favorite thing, After I get the kids off to school I usually try to get stuff done and so I put him in this spiderman chair with a cracker or something and he will sort of watch a show. Its so cute how he gets excited and climbs into his chair when I tell him to. He is one of my favorite things too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Edward and Bella

I was disappointed with this choice for Edward but they both look smokin hot in this picture!!There is hope after all!! I cant wait for the movie!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Seriously behind....

Wow Im so lame I have not even posted about christmas yet. Well it was great! The kids loved what they got. We had yummy brunch with my family at the Huishs and then we went out to Phoenix to Marks aunts house. Then we came home and played Rockband all night long. Its everyones new obsession,including Owen! We also played it on New years with Marks familia. Did I mention Owen is a full time walker!! Hooray! But he is a complete nightmare at church ( kill me now, yesterday) I officially dread it! I think we will do homechurching. Yea forget about all that other stuff we will just do all our church stuff from home. Do they do correspondance(sp?) visiting teaching???? Hahaaha. Oh and Mark and I had our anniversary. Holy crap do I feel old. We went to Flemings for dinner and then to see National Treasure. It was fun. Mark wasnt that impressed with the food but I liked mine. The best lobster clam chowder ever!! Happy anniversary to my eternal sweetheart!! Today we were back on schedule with school and everything else. Its great to get back on routine even if its not the greatest routine. New Years resolution: Be better at EVERYTHING!!!!!(COOKING CLEANING KIDS ETC) Iam really good at shopping though!