Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chat stew

Wow a whole week since my last post. This week has been kind of crazy! But can I just say I love Dwight Schrute and his pepper spray! The Office was wonderful.Almost worth this few weeks of nothing on t.v. Im glad Andy is back so there is competition between him and micheal for being the biggest idiot. Im kind of annoyed that nothing is happening with Pam and Jim but thats what they have to do to string us along. Mark and I are a little annoyed by 24 lately. Its the same old stuff every season we need some more EXCITEMENT! Oh yeah Lost!! What the heck?????? Is this another trick by the others to throw Juliet into the crowd? Where did they go? She has to know where they went.And where did she learn REX KWAN DO? She was just a shy docter 3 years ago! She layed Kate down! I cant wait till next week when Sayid questions or tortures her or whatever! Im not even going to start with Sanjaya! He is so annoying!!!! What is wrong with America,vote him OFF! This post is dedicated to The Soup and Joel Mchale who is so hilarious and on t.v. on friday nights! Tivo it, its great!

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