Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back to the family

Caden and I had a little date night on thursday. We went to see the Easter pageant with aunt Amy and Hunter. It was wonderful. Caden enjoyed most of it. And after of course we went to Nielsens for a yummy concrete. For some odd reason I feel obligated to stop off at Nielsens every time I come into Mesa. Hmmm wierd, maybe because I was deprived for a good 6 or 7 months. So friday night we had a baby shower for my sister in law Emily. Brett and Emily are having a boy in about 5 weeks, Jaxon is going to be his name. We have a oberly cousin wedding tonight so Shaunasey and Jason are in town so we all went to City Hall last night.Yummmm! Good food! We converted everyone to the likings of Mayor Drinkwaters restaurant. Tonight we go out to Phoenix for the wedding. It should be alot of fun. Although I have to bring Owen because I dont have anyone I can trust to leave him with. Not to mention the fact that he is a total mommys boy. I dont know if it is because Im nursing him and dont leave him enough or just his age of separation anxiety. We will see how it goes. Mark panics any time I want to go somewhere without my little man on my side. Sometimes a moms gotta get out without a child every once and a while. Tomorrow is Easter and its a holiday of course so it makes me sad that my mom and dad arent around. We are not doing anything with my family because everyone drops the ball when they arent here. Just kidding I love you all but seriously cant we all just get along and have a dinner or something forget the fact that we would have like 25 kids running around. Ha ha!!! I guess Im just lucky to talk to most of my siblings on a regular basis. I do look forward to Chads almost daily call to share something funny or something yummy with me as we do share the love of food with all the Merrills. And Im glad my kids do get to play with their cousins. Alright enough already. Primary activity day is almost over I have to go pick up Caden.

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The Scotts said...

I wish I took Abby to the Easter Pagent. Tonight was the only night that we could have gone and we are too exhausted. I totally understand about your family dropping the ball. Mine has never picked it up. It is ALWAYS me planning family get togethers for every holiday. They all come and love it but I am the planner. Now we see why. I would love to get together this Friday if its not too hot. What park do you guys like? Let me know. We have a pretty cool one by my house but we don't care. Or you are welcome to come to my house. We have a little playground, tramp and toy room. Let me know.