Saturday, April 21, 2007

where would we be without sibling rivalry?

Our house would be a lot more of a "happy home" thats for sure! Seriously, my children can not get along! It is driving me nuts!! I wish I would have planned for a babysitter so I could go shopping or something because it has been a long week. My sweet husband has been MIA for the last two weeks. I guess he is trying to provide for a family of 5 or something because he is working mucho hours! This is a busy time of year so I just have to be patient because in the summer it really slows down. Every night he has been getting home around 8:00 so the kids are staying up a little later and so I get a whole hour of him to myself.Then Im exhausted and want to go to bed. Needless to say we need a date night! Fridays and saturdays we usually dont have anything going on so the kids and I get cabin fever being at home all day. Olivia likes to scream whenever she doesnt like something Caden is doing and he likes to torment her. Every once in a while it will be quiet and I will look and see them playing something nicely togehter but unfortunately it doesnt last long.
Okay for Stephanie we are listing our favorite games. We of course love the classics Memory and Candyland, We like Hearts(card game),hide and go seek and especially Guitar Hero! Caden and Mark like to Rock out! Its really addicting if you start playing it.
I must give kudos to my honey who slaved away on our landscaping the other day.(well him and 5 guatamalens from the circle k on the corner) It looks wonderful. WE lost 5 trees to that "freeze" we had. so he ripped those out and planted new ones and took all of our old rock out to replace it with bigger rock. Oh and he finished our barbecue so he has been watching that show License to Grill and going crazy. Its fun to have him cook something once in a while. Its nice to have a handy husband!


Ketsy said...

Sorry you had a crazy week. Gotta love the madness that is a family. Mark is a wildman- whether it is working in the yard or rockin' a tiny guitar!
Love you guys!

The Farnsworth Family said...

Les you are not alone in the world of children fighting and not getting along. If anyone has a secret to aviod contention I would LOVE to know too. We have officially changed the name of FHE to WWWFHE because ours always turns into a huge wrestling match.
Thanks for your list of games. We may have to check out Guitar Hero I have never heard of it until now :) By-the-way be grateful your hubby is handy. Dave is so many wonderful things, but he is SO not handy :)