Thursday, May 17, 2007

welcome Jaxon Oberly!!!

Marks brother Brett and Emily had their baby on mothers day. YEAH!! So grandma was here and we had dinner with her and she stayed a day with us. We were lucky Emily stayed another day in th hospital so grandma could play with us. (Love ya Emily glad you are doing okay!) So grandma told me to take advantage of her and go run some errands. I went to the mall of course. It was so fun not having a sroller. I cant remember the last time I went without a child in tow. It was my mothers day treat to myself. Olivia is doing swim lessons this week and next and she is doing awesome. no crying. Everyone else in her class is though so it makes it hard. Caden wont need lessons we are just going to start swimming alot I will refresh his memory. This week has been kind of frustrating. My poor Olivia is sick. And when I say sick she is usually okay during the day(hence the swim lessons) but she throws up every night!! She has a cough too so I thought maybe the drainage or the off balance of her equalibriam was making her sick buts its been over a week. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he gave her some syrup to help with nausea. she still threw up last night. It took me an hour to clean up and then Owen woke up. Needless to say Im probably getting as much sleep as Emily with a new baby!!! Im so sick of throw up! I think that is the worst thing to deal with as a mother. Because you see your child so sick and cant do anything but hold the bucket. Gross okay enough. So tonight after work Mark is taking Caden to Disneyland! Him and a buddy from work are taking their kids. Fun fun for him! He is so excited and Caden cant wait either! So its just me and the babes this weekend. WE will be busy though.


Ketsy said...

Yuck- I am sorry about the throw up, sister. But happy there is a new babe doing well! When you guys are feeling better, let's get together.

Birchall Family said...

I bet I was there at disneyland the same time as your hubby. Michael's sister and fam are in town so we have now been to disneyland 3 days in a row! Busy weekend to be there. Pirates of the caribbean movie red carpet event is sat. So all the celebrates from the movie will be at disneyland. It was crazy there today so I can't even imagine tomorrow with Johnny Depp there! Good luck to your brave husband!

The Farnsworth Family said...

I HATE it when my kids are sick. You feel so sad for them and you can't do a thing to help them. Although popsicles and gatorade always help a little :) I Always feel guilty about feeling frustrated about cleaning up throw up...or worse diarrhea when you know they can't help it. Hopefully the worst is over for you guys!!

Maren and Scott said...

hope you survived the weekend!

JoshAimee said...

Hi, My name is Aimee
I went to beauty school with emily.
I've been trying to get ahold of her!
do they have a blogspot?