Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Busy bee me!

Wow its been a crazy week. Caden had preschool graduation last week. He was so cute in his little hat. Off to kindergarten! Then Mark and Caden went to father and sons on friday. They had fun.Cadens favorite was roasting marshmallows of course. I debated about going out for a chick night but decided to stay home put the two little ones to sleep by 7:30 and watching chick flicks and Greys Anatomy. Btw Im so sick of Meredith Grey. I dont think she is cute. I like Addison more and more and I love her name. If Owen was a girl thats what I would of named him. But I love my little man!! I absolutely hate sleeping bymyself because every noise freaks me out. But I was able to get some sleep.I still missed my Mark. I love feeling his back against mine and knowing he is there. Saturday I went to breakfast with my girls for Ketsys birthday. We went to Crackers and company. YUMMY! It was fun to chit chat . That night we went to a party at Bob and Amys. We played games. I got Mark convinced he needed some clothes so we went to Tillys (its right by Bobs house) and went shopping. That place is dangerous. You can buy for our whole family in there. We both realized that we could spend all day in their shopping so we pulled ourselves away.I got Caden and me a pair of shoes.And Mark got some cool stuff.It was fun. I love when Mark gets into shopping because he buys more than me and then I dont feel bad getting something.Hee hee! Another reason I love Mark is he is not a HUGE sports fan. But when it is playoffs or something good he likes to keep up. So last night he went to the suns game. He said it was pretty awesome. Thanks to his mom and Max he spent his birthday money on tickets.Thanks Lynna! Olivia had dance pictures yesterday. It was so cute. I really hope she participates in her recital on saturday. Its too bad she wont have any Grandmas or Grandpas their to watch!Haha!Love you mom and Dad! Keep on walking strong to that temple! I swear the third child makes your life that much busier. I dont have enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I NEED to do yet alone the things I WANT to do. Someday I will get to enjoy my new sewing machine.


The Scotts said...

I'm glad that you got a night to watch your shows. Jared went to fathers and sons, by himself with friends, and I kept both kids. I was too scared to sleep alone so we went to Summer's. Next year I hope Jake will be old enough to go. Who cares, he will be!! Don't tell me you can't get anything done with 3 kids!! I already feel that way with 2!

The Farnsworth Family said...

Les I hate sleeping by myself too. Dave went to father-n-sons last week end and I was lonely. I would wake at the smallest noises. I caught up with a few shows too.
I am with you Meredith is beginning to bug me a little. I liked the spin off they did this last week for Addison though.
Anyway, I am with you too about 3 kids. It seriously put me into a whirl. Blake is 10 months old and I feel like we are just getting into a nice solid routine. Although we are in zone defense all of the time. No more man to man. It is worth it though :) I am glad you have so many good friends in AZ and have stayed close to Ketsy and everyone else. I bet it is fun to live close.
BTW I order the gummy's not chewables (maybe your kids would like either...who knows) I also like the chocolate shakes. That is what I add to milk for a snack. Although the Vanilla makes a great smoothie. Did you find a site to order it from? I order mine from

Ketsy said...

Hey- you are a trooper. Thanks for including me in all your bizzy buzzing about. I love seeing you and your little ones. They always make me smile. Go Suns.

Ketsy said...

Swimming boot camp is what I call Rune's swimming lessons. They are basically controlled drowning situations for 1/2 an hour. Not fun.
Click on one of the grey buttons on the bottom of my playlist (create a playlist, get music tracks, whatever) and it will take you to a place to do it. It is pretty simple. let me know if you can't figure it out.