Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Day

Okay so we saw Disturbia on friday and we all thought it was pretty good. I have heard mixed reviews but it was good for me. Aunt Amy actually screamed out loud. It was hilarious. So that was a good date night. And then saturday Mark took Caden to work with him. It was a happy day. Olivia was enjoyable,no screaming. And Owen was a dream! I ran a couple errands and was going to attempt the mall but by the time I did my needed stuff,I was drained from the heat and we were all hungry so we came home and made cookies ( Olivia and mines favorite thing) Itwas like 103 degrees mucho caliente!Every year you forget how the sun is so draining on adults and babies. Owen was sick of getting in and out of the hot car. Pretty soon I will be confined to the home because we wont want to go anywhere.Except to go swimming at Christinas wonderful pool!Yea I found swim lessons and something fun for Caden to do this summer so we might survive after all! Oh yeah we got the old 9:oo am phone call that the bishop would like to meet with us on sunday.We had stake conference at 1:00 so we were being lazy. We got everyone dressed up and went for our interview. He called me to miamaid advisor and Mark to ward missionary. Its about time he gets a calling that lets him use his wonderful talents. I was in young womens in my old ward and loved it so Iam excited. And girls camp is in june and I have a nursing baby so it doesnt look promising. Everytimne I want to go to girls camp Iam pregnant or have a new baby. I would really like to go so maybe next year. Mark said noway is he taking off work to watch the kids so I can go anyway. I wonder how he is going to feel when I tell him about the 4or 5 day cruise with my girlfriends for 10 year high school reunion.Hmmmm probably not happy.


The Farnsworth Family said...

Leslie how fun. I loved YW. I miss being in there. Although primary is awesome. Except I get to plan the primary program this year...fun fun. I don't miss the heat, but I miss the beautiful winters in AZ. Hope you survive the Summer! :)

The Scotts said...

I can't believe how much your daughter is your twin!! It is crazy! Very cute pictures and I hear you on the AZ heat. It is killing me already. I love being pregnant in the summer!! NOT!

Greg & Melissa said...

Yeah you need to come to KC to get away from the heat. It was 80 one day last week and I thought I was going to melt! I guess I've adjusted. i don't miss those burning seat belts. Cute pictures as always and congrats at the new camera. I'll post some new pics soon to keep you happy. I'm trying to get our house clean enough to so you can see what it looks like. Love ya!