Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob!!

Friday we went to Joes Farmgrill for Bobs bday. They do some special free whatever for your special day and Bob and Brett know everything you can get free on your birthday! Most of the Oberlys were there. Its good food and it was good for a large group. This is a picture of Olivia all ready for her dance class .She wouldnt smile because the sun was blinding her but she is so cute in her leotard and tap shoes. WE went to meet Cadens teacher and see the school and he is really excited. Its going to be great for him. Tonight we are going out for date night. Not sure where we are going to go yet. Tomorrow is the last day of 8:00 church yahoo!! And tomorrow night is card night so it will be fun. Today we opened up our last jar of Grandmas homemade raspberry jam:( so sad. If you read this Grandma Caden said you could probably just send a package!:) WE love you!!

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Melissa said...

Cute pictures. I'm amazed you could all sit around a table together and NOT play cards. That must have come later. Happy B-day!