Saturday, March 24, 2007

this is us?

I guess thats as clever as we get for now. Iam excited to do this blog so my family( mainly my mom and Dad Elder and Senora Merrill in Bolivia) can check it often and see the kids grow in the next year and a half. We are just trying to survive day to day. We are all done potty training!Yea!! Olivia is amazing. Never any accidents. And Owen is sleeping 10 sometimes 12 hours at night. WONDERFUL! He has been a great baby. Iam truly enjoying him. I think the third one has to be easy or mom wouldnt survive. Caden continues to be a BIG helper too much sometimes but we love him. These are christmas pictures but we will have new family pics soon. We should be doing them on sunday. Its impossible to make all three smile but we will see what happens. We did the easter egg hunt at Christinas yesterday. That was fun. And its already warm enough to swim,well somedays. We are very excited for summer. But I might go crazy without preschool!


Birchall Family said...'s me Summer Mabry..Birchall now. I was looking on Jordans blog and found your name and thought I would say hello! I love that someone else has 3 kids like me! Your kids are beautiful..just like their mommy! Your little girl looks so much like you. I loved reading about how you are and what you have been up to. Isn't this we can all snoop on eachothers. Hey maybe we should get together with the other bloggers and throw a stunt or two..hahaha!

The Scotts said...

Holy cow!!! She is your twin and your oldest looks just like Mark!! I also found your blog through Summer's. It was good to see you at the mall. I would love to visit with you and Melinda. You guys are welcome to come over whenever!! Let's get together- Shanon Decker Scott

Birchall Family said... again. My baby is now almost 7 weeks old. He was a little early so he is so tiny still. It is kinda fun to have him still be little. We move to our home in Cali every april and we stay there until september. It is so fun..we are in Anahiem hills about 10 min from disneyland and 15 from newport. I love it there. Utah is way to cold for me. Your baby is so cute. When did you have him? Did you hear Jenna is having a boy too? So fun, all of us with our little baby boys!

Dennis & Jenna said...

I haven't seen you since World Gym! Your family is absolutely gorgeous! I am expecting my first baby in August. I hope to catch up to you and Summer as fast as I can. It was good to see you and your family and I can't wait to be blogging friends with you. Jenna

Brooke said...

Why in the world didn't you tell me about your blog- you dork! I had to find it through Summer's. Very cute!