Monday, March 26, 2007

Holy Blog!!

Iam amazed by this blogging stuff. All I did was leave a message for Jordan and now I have a bunch from my girlies from high school. How fun to hear from all of you. I just figured out that you can leave messages on these things. So on my list of books I put Twilight and new moon. We just read them for Book Club because Lindsays cousin is the author. Okay I was in love with this book and the characters. Absolutely mesmerized!! Its about vampires but dont let that scare you away because its a love story not gory! My friends got together to discuss and everyone loved it. Because Im not a BIG reader I didnt even notice that is is a very simple read. Its targeted more to young adults thats me right? Anyways its 500 pages and I read it in 4 days! Thats amazing for me. Mark wondered where our children were the whole time. Needless to say my housekeeping duties fell a little behind. Hopefully I can figure this computer stuff out so I can post more pictures and stuff.


Chappell Family said...

Hi!! Long time, I know! You kids are so cute, and your little girl, beautiful! No wonder, she looks like her mommy! It's crazy how fast you can find people you haven't seen in forever, small world. Now we're blogging friends! Blog on! Amy "Van" Chappell

Dennis & Jenna said...

These are on my list to read. I had someone else recommend them. I can't wait to start. It takes a really great book to keep me focused!

The Scotts said...

Way to read! The only book that I have ever read and read in 4 days was the Da Vinci Code. I am like you and don't enjoy reading. Maybe I should pick up that book. Yet, my house is already behind!! Is it just me or do you always feel behind on house work?