Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Owen turns 3!!

Owen had his birthday and of course he got some trains and I thought he should finally learn to ride a real bike. So we had a little family party at Papas house. Umm if your wondering who decorated the cake it was Olivia and Owen:) Who needs fancy cakes? Then later that week we went to chuck e cheeses with our friends the Willis family. Owen hates chuckie.This kid is so different. He does not care for any pictures or any attention from a crowd. Overall it was fun and he has some fun toys to keep him busy. I cant believe I had him 3 years ago. That seems like forever ago. He was such a sweet baby. I loved and cherished every moment I got to rock him. I still get to rock him and hold him for a few minutes before bed. He is our little stinker and we love him. He is so particular about what he wants to wear/eat or whatever. Some days are very frustrating. Anyways this is a sad week for me because we had to say goodbye to my parents. They left on monday to go to Spain on a mission. We had a get together with the family and I took some pictures. Oh and Olivia started dance again and you would think she won the lottery. It was a happy day but a long day counting down to 5:00. I love watching her she is really good.


Ketsy said...

Owen is three?! That is depressing. I like to pretend he still scoots around on his bum.
Sad (but glad!) to see your parents go, but you get to go visit them, right? Can I come?

Karen said...

Glad the birthday was fun. I'm sorry to see your parents go too. You and they are wonderful people!

lins said...

Yeah, you're back!! I can't believe your baby is 3, when can we plan on seeing another beautiful Oberly baby?:) Sandy and Dick, good as gold. Lins

The Farnsworth Family said...

Les, I am so excited for your parents! I know it is so sad for you though. Happy bday to Owen! What a little doll.

Richard and Sandra said...

What a wonderful entry in your blog with awesome photos. Great memories and a fun day with you and Owen. We love you and miss you beyond our ability to express. Tomorrow is our Turkey Day on the 30th of November. We have been given the responsibility for the meal and we have made assignments to everyone who is coming. We have invited our fellow missionaries from the other countries here and it will be interesting to see how things turn out. A total of 40 people will come to eat. We will be eating in the dining room of the MTC above us on the 6th floor. Oh by the way we have a blog where we made our first entry this year for anyone who wants to see it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,
Love Forever,
Mom & Dad, G & G