Friday, August 14, 2009

Girls trip to california

Some might say I have had too many "girls trips" lately but I swear they have all been really short and I am done. Until next year:)I mean why not enjoy it before I get tied down to baby again. Anyways this trip was with my friends in my area Jacque Ferguson and Andrea Avarell. And then Kendra Huffman from california drove to meet us. We had soo much fun. We stayed in a very nice hotel.


Brenda said...

Cheers to Girl Trips! Sound FUN and Looks FUN!

My little one doesn't attend a charter school. It's a public school but they have uniforms. I was ok with uniforms for the boys, but its no fun with little girls!

WOW! Can you believe our little girls are in Kindergarten! Your pictures are so cute, your kids are growing up!

Ketsy said...

Girls Trips are the best! I say boo to all the nay-sayers. But seriously, no more until next year. :)

Miss Fergie said...

it was too fun!!!!!!!!!!

Birchall Family said...

You can NEVER have to many vacations with a bunch of girls! Looks like a blast!

sun_tie said...

hmm..i so want to go california...!!!
oya, i'm santi. i'm come from Indonesia.
Do you know indonesia?
Excuse me, if my english is wrong..