Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love love love the Porters!! Thanks for having a great family picnic. We all had a blast talking and playing with family.What a coincedence that my lesson the next day for YWs was about loving our extended family. I felt truely blessed as I was teaching my class, that I have a wonderful family on both sides. Unfortunately my family doesnt really do anything with "extended" family very often. But my goal is to change that this summer when my parents get home. I love how Marks family is close to aunts and uncles and cousins. My whole life I have just had 4 brothers,3 sisters,spouses, grandchildren etc etc. There was always a full house. But now I think we need to branch out a little on the family tree. My mom always knew how much I loved family get togethers(being the youngest) so she would always have sunday dinners with everyone. I looked forward to it so much. As I got older and everyone started moving out I was lonely. I became an aunt when I was 7 and loved all the kids. I miss those days.... With 25 grandkids, its a little chaotic to get together now but I still love it. Why do we have to grow old to really appreciate your siblings and parents. My poor parents. I cant believe they have survived. They are really special. Blah blah blah Im rambling. Easter was good we went to Lacys house for dinner and did an egg hunt. Kids loved it. Im slacking big time with pictures so hopefully I will get better. Poor Owen is hacking sooo bad today so Im home from church with him. He is so sweet I hate to see him suffer.


Linda said...

I love family get togethers too! Can't wait for the big one when your Mom & Dad get home... only 4 1/2 months! Hope Owen feels better soon.

Brittanny said...

that is sad you still have sick kids...I think that my kids are finally with dry noses (the first time in 2008)! I do agree with get togethers are so fun!