Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Bully or Be Bullied

Caden has been enjoying school. I have been doing his flash cards with him and he has already learned so much. Its fun to see him learn. He loves going to music class and P.E. and the library. But the other day he said to me. Guess how many kids hit me today? I said WHAT?? hE SAID 3! i VERY CALMLY TRIED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. It sounded like it was playful but still it made me sad. I dont know whats worse. Being the Bully or get bullied around? Caden is a very overpowering child and is usually the one that is controling but I guess it can go both ways.So this is just the beginning of our journey into school and all the lovely things that come along with it. Gee I cant wait until he comes home asking about you know what!Oh yea! WE saw Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday and it was great!Olivia did school yesterday and she loved it. But she was a little stinker after I picked her up. I guess she was tired. Last night I went over to Melindas house with Rachel and we did a "craft" night. It was fun to chit chat. I just made some jewelry but Melinda made this really cute picture thingy that Im going to try next time! Today Emily Amy and Connie are coming over to make some jewelry too!It will be fun. Caden gets out early today and I keep fearing that Im going to forget about an early release day and he will just sit there forever waiting for me. That would be awful. I dont want to be that mom! So Im trying to teach Owen to do a cup so I can wean him because Im going on a girls overnighter next weekend.YEA!!! bUt he doesnt like a cup very much but he seems to be getting better. He refuses a bottle so thats out of the question. He is such a sweetie. I was looking at Pictures of Olivia as a baby and they look just like Owen. So finally the Merrill Genes have conquered the Oberlys!!


Laura Smith said...

HOLY COW 3 kids HIT him? Thats insane! I can't believe how much little Olivia and Owen look a like! So cute! I need to come live close to you and have craft/jewlery nights! How fun!

Allison Taylor said...

I'm laughing a little because I am in your shoes now. Brigg tells me that the kids hit him and I have to ask why and then he says he doesn't know, but he hits them back... My reply is "don't hit back, just tell the teacher". I guess I don't really know the right answer. At least it's in self-defense... or is it! (there are always two sides to a story)

The Scotts said...

Okay, Jaimee's little boy was getting hit by some kid at school and she finally told him to hit him back and the kid stopped hitting him. So, I know that sounds bad but if he keeps getting hit, I would have him his back so the other kids know that he's not just going to let them hit him.

I wish I could have come to your girls craft night. I have no crafts to do but next time you do it I want to for sure come! We were celebrating Jared's bday.

Owen looks so much like both of you. What a cutie!

Caryn said...

Ok, so that stinks, school, hmm aren't you glad you aren't back again? Hey, I wanna come do jewelry, maybe we can swap secrets!