Friday, August 17, 2007

Nanny Wanted!!

No not for me,for my sister. If anyone has a sister or cousin or whatever that is newly married or single with no kids who would love to work with some sweet little angels:) My sister lives in gilbert and is looking for someone. Im not sure how many days a week but it would be perfect for someone going to school. If someone is interested please leave a comment or email. I wish I could do it but those days are over when I have my own rugrats to chase around. Many perks included, like a Great Boss for one thing. I know someone out there knows someone so lets put this blogging stuff to good use!

1 comment:

Becky J. said...

Hey, I have a cousin that might be interested...I'll have to mention it to her!

That's too funny that you knew Layton was my doc! He's awesome! Is he yours too? My parents moved to the mountains just after I got married, so they live in Lakeside now. Which ward are they in? He said he was moving soon, to be closer to work and the new hospital.