Friday, November 9, 2007


So for Halloween the kids and I made homemade pizzas and sugar cookies of course. Decorating cookies is their favorite thing to do. Then they got dressed up and Daddy barely made it home in time to take them around the block a few times. Then on saturday Mark had a few friends over and what do BIG BOYS do when they play??? Well HALO of course!! We had a few t.v.s as you can see and they all had a fun time. I went to hang out at Bob and Amys house so the kids wouldnt bother their tournament. I returned home at ten oclock and the party had just begun so they played until I think about 2 oclock. These are some other random pictures of my favorite people.


Katie said...

sounds like a really fun time! I hope they cleaned up after themselves!

Annie and the Boys... said...

Holy Crap Leslie!!! you need the best wife in the world award! I would have been kickin people out @ 8:30 (that's when i go to bed ;)
you guys are too fun!

urkov fam said...

OH MY GOSH!! i totally feel for you. scott does this every friday night too. my opinion-waste of time and dumb!