Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Its been too long since my last lame post. We had a great turkey day going over to the Pearces with Marks family and then hanging out with the merrills too. The Lanes were here from Cali so that was fun to be with them. They were brave and took our 2 oldest to grandpas cabin in prescott for 2 nights. woohoo that was fun just going around with little O. He is so sweet by himself. We have been busy going to movies watching them at home and other christmas shopping fun.(I say fun but Mark not so much) I just love the holidays because of all the traditions that are so fun to do. We did gingerbread houses with my family and we will be doing enough nativitys to last a year:) olivia landed the role as Mary so she is excited about her school program. once again Iam stumped on what to get the man who buys himself everything. I hate doing the whole cliche of shirt and tie and slippers blah blah blah. I wish I could be really creative and think of something really great but I dont want to shock Mark too badly. We are trying to think of where to go for our anniversary. So that will be fun to get away with no kids. Anyhoo just trying to survive this joyous season and loving being with family. I dont have many pictures of myself but heres one of me and my great sister who had her birthday this week. Im grateful for her as an example to me.


Arnell Family said...

Sounds like your family is keeping busy! Aren't the holidays great! Good luck on finding Mark a gift - husbands are definately the most difficult to buy for. And I have to agree, Christina is pretty great! You Merrills are just a wonderful bunch of people! Love you guys!

Laura said...

Yay for Holiday fun! You and your sister are beautiful! I really miss spending Christmas eve with Mark like we did while they lived here! I loved that! Happy Holidays!!!

Ketsy said...

could you two hotties look any more alike? i guess when you have that many kids the genes just start over. :)