Monday, May 5, 2008

Too fast

My little puppy is 18 months and going to nursery. I cant believe it. Those poor nursery leaders. He cries almost the whole time. I stand in the hall and hear him crying "mamamama" its sad.He will get over it soon hopefully. This picture with him in his pjs was so cute, he looks like a little warrior.His stomach is so big and hard he could knock anyone over:)He was a big pill yesterday and Daddy had enough of it. He does this little cry whinny noise when he doesnt get something and it is ear piercing.Well we have all had the stomach flu so maybe now we can get on with life and have a great summer with nooo sickness. Im excited for girls camp in july and my girlfriends trip in june woohoo!!That reminds me , we saw Baby Mama and it was flippin hilarious. We both were laughing constantly.Friday was a sad day for Mark. He sold his beloved truck:( I dont know what it is but we can sell cars.Just a couple of weeks on craigs list and it sold.Or maybe we have really good taste in cars and everyone wants them:) Anyways we decided that we dont need two new gas guzzelers and he can just drive a car off the lot for a while. Im taking bets how long it will last.Only 3and a half months until Gma and Gpa come home yea!!! Im dreading the month of june for my kids Ive got to get them in something fun or I will go crazy. Im anxious to start swimming though!!


tammy said...

That's so hard to leave them crying! K Olivia's room is stinkin' cute!

BTW-Don't worry about being slow...I just realized you live around the corner from me, too, not so long ago. We should get the boys together. Connor is in kindergarten, and turns 7 in Sept.

Glad your family is over the stomach thing -- I HATE that!

Chad & Linda said...

Cute video clip! Owen is getting so big and is just so cute. Where did you get that nice pink kitchen set?? Sylvie would LOVE one of those.

Ketsy said...

My cute Owen is getting so big! Such a mini-hunk (who loves his ice cream!).